Project Description

Viiiiva from 4iiii Innovations is a heart-rate monitor that straps around your chest and keeps a constant watch over your ticker. No matter what your reason is for wanting to keep track of your heart rate, Viiiiva makes it easy thanks to the built-in Liiiink connectivity module. The device uses ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart communication technologies to seamlessly collect and send data to your iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or fifth-generation iPod touch. (If you operate on Android, Windows, or BlackBerry, this device is not for you.)

There are no “awkward” adapters to fiddle with within the Viiiiva ecosystem. The heart-rate monitor simply receives signals from other ANT+ sensors and then acts as a bridge to your iPhone, sending health, wellness, and fitness data via Bluetooth. Download the free 4iiii app—or use one of many other compatible fitness apps—to monitor data in realtime or track it throughout a period of time.

Viiiiva’s compatibility with other ANT+-enabled watches and monitors from brands such as adidas and Garmin is a real selling point. Using Viiiiva as the bridge between other sensors and your smartphone, you can build a more complete health-monitoring system.

If you want to take it to the next level, 4iiii Innovations offers other connected devices that complement and extend the benefits of Viiiiva, such as the Sportiiiis heads-up display system, which presents health data before your very eyes. The Sportiiiis device and other sensors are sold separately.