Project Description

Entertain Your Little Genius
Are we there yet? If you’re traveling with kids, expect a fair amount of whining, fighting, and crying—unless, of course, you’ve invested in a connected device to entertain your child during the eight-hour road trip to see the Grand Canyon. Rullingnet Corp., offers the wirelessly enabled VINCI Tab II, a Wi-Fi-connected tablet specially designed for children.

The device has a 7-inch touchscreen, a 1.2-GHz processor, and 8 GB of internal storage. With about eight hours of battery life, it’s the perfect entertainment device to keep the little ones occupied during layovers at the airport, or during downtime at the cabin. VINCI Tab II comes preloaded with free content including VINCI Curriculum Level 1 samples: six games, three interactive storybooks, and “Baby Haha’s Music Video” album filled with animated videos. The device also comes installed with Gmail, Adobe Reader, Skype, and the Android Market.

As you prepare for a vacation, make sure to add new apps from the VINCI Kids Library; some content is even available for free. The company not only offers hardware, it offers a full line of digital-learning curriculum designed to engage and educate children from 18 months up to five years. The curriculum is made up of age-specific learning apps that will not only keep them entertained, it will make them smarter. Curriculum packages can be purchased separately on micro SD cards.