Project Description

You can’t be everywhere at once, but with all the connected devices and systems available to consumers today, there’s no reason you can’t check in on the people you care about—even when you must be somewhere else. Using home-monitoring systems such as NETGEAR’s VueZone, you can create your own “personal video network” by placing wireless cameras around your home.

The VueZone cameras can be set up anywhere and moved easily, thanks to a unique adhesive wall-mounting system. To add another camera to your home system, simply press a button on the device to sync it up with the rest. With the ability to add up to 15 cameras, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to check in quickly and gain some peace of mind.

VueZone cameras transmit wireless video to a VueZone gateway connected to your home’s router. There’s no need to download software to your PC, and there’s no ugly cords messing up your feng shui. You can even access the cameras through VueZone Mobile, a smartphone application for iPhones and Android devices.

VueZone cameras only record when being viewed, or when scheduled in advance. The goal is to use the solution as a quick glimpse into your home—and the people within your home—whenever you need that extra bit of reassurance. The device starts at $199.99 and the VueZone Mobile functionalities require subscription to a service plan.

Motion Detection: VueZone offers motion-detecting cameras that begin recording when they detect a change in heat, indicating there is a person or animal within 15 feet of the camera. Choose to receive text alerts to your smartphone when the cameras detect motion, or email alerts with a snapshot and short video clip after an event has occurred. VueZone Mobile lets you arm and disarm motion-detection cameras or review motion-activated videos remotely.