Project Description

Rest at Ease
Don’t trust the pet sitter? Can’t relax until you know your baseball-card collection is still safe? Connected home-surveillance solutions give you the peace of mind you need while away from home. Y-cam Solutions offers a line of Wi-Fi enabled home-security cameras that provide a realtime peek into what’s going on back home.

When a Y-cam device detects movement and there’s no one home, it can automatically send you an email alert with an image of the room in question. Unlike conventional motion detection, Y-cam says its devices use “vector information” to help avoid those annoying false alarms. The wirelessly enabled cameras can be placed wherever you want; built-in Wi-Fi connects the device to your home’s network without the need for a PC.

Y-cam’s Eyeball is a dome camera with a unique “Push & Point” lens system, which means you can aim the camera lens exactly where you want it—at the back door, for instance, or the hamster cage—before you leave for a trip. Installation is easy; just push, point, and watch. Eyeball has two-way audio capability. If the neighbor’s kid comes through your window while you’re in the Bahamas, Y-cam’s solution will send you a notification, it will record the scene (for evidence), and then you can choose to yell something nasty from the Eyeball’s built-in microphone.