Project Description

Your Phone’s Little Helper
Are you forgetful? Do you wish you had a personal assistant who followed you around and reminded you to take your phone with you wherever you go? If so, you would probably be a good candidate for a ZOMM Wireless Leash. This little round helper is great for ensuring you don’t leave things behind. Now, if only you could remember to turn it on …

ZOMM is about as big around as a silver dollar. It’s small enough to be attached to a key ring, or something else you always have with you. There’s not a lot to the set up, which is great. I took my ZOMM out of the box and plugged it in to its wall-mounted charger. Once fully charged (per company recommendation of four hours) I powered it up and simply turned on Bluetooth for my phone and my ZOMM was connected. An interesting little note: Because ZOMM Wireless Leash works with nearly any Bluetooth-enabled phone, you don’t have to have a smartphone to use it.

But if you do have a smartphone, like me, you have options. Right now, an Android app is available for the ZOMM Wireless Leash that allows you to alter the device’s audible settings, press a button to find the Wireless Leash, and see the last paired location of the device at any time. I am an iPhone user so I was happy to hear that if you purchase the Wireless Leash Plus, an iPhone version of the app is also available.

After pairing the ZOMM with my phone, I went online to create an account for the device. Having an account allowed me to customize some features of ZOMM, such as name and emergency numbers, and it’s also the place to update the device with new firmware versions from the company. However, ZOMM will still work even if the user doesn’t set up an account.

After charging and pairing, all that was left was for me to forget my phone. I decided to walk out the front door with the ZOMM in my pocket and my phone on the kitchen counter. ZOMM says its range is between 30 and 120 feet, depending on the environment and any customized settings. It took about 20 seconds after I was out the door for ZOMM to register I was out of range, then it started vibrating, flashing, and beeping to let me know I’d left my phone behind. I was impressed with how fast it registered the break in the Bluetooth connection. The alarm is quite loud, but a quick squeeze of the button silenced it.

The loud siren can also be used as a panic alarm if you want, by holding the button down for about nine seconds. If you hold the button for 15 seconds (through a five-second panic alarm), the device will place a call to emergency services through your mobile phone. I didn’t try this feature, and frankly I was a little paranoid that I’d accidently hold the button too long and find myself talking to emergency operators. But I suppose it’s unlikely I would unwittingly hold the button down for that long with the alarm going off.

Be careful, however, about leaving ZOMM turned on with an iffy phone battery. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud beeping, and found the ZOMM going crazy on my coffee table. My iPhone had run out of juice and powered off during the night, and ZOMM was letting me know. The device will alert any time the Bluetooth connection is broken, whether by distance, the phone powering off, or the Bluetooth functionality being disconnected on the phone.

One other word of warning: To work, ZOMM must be turned on! I, however, tended to turn it off a lot. For instance, when I went out to dinner and my husband drove, I didn’t bring my keys so I turned off the ZOMM before we left so it wouldn’t freak out. I realize not bringing my keys and the ZOMM makes it impossible for it to help me remember my phone, but I didn’t want the weight of the keys in my bag, and I was too lazy to take the ZOMM off the keychain. So if you really want something to help you remember your phone, put ZOMM on or in something you always have with you.

ZOMM has a number of other uses besides helping you remember stuff. In addition to the aforementioned panic button, it works as a speaker phone or hands-free speaker in the car. When you have ZOMM with you and you receive a call, ZOMM will vibrate and flash, and you can push the button on ZOMM to answer the call through its speaker. You can tap the button twice to send the call to voicemail. You can also tap to send an active call to ZOMM. This can be pretty useful in the car, and ZOMM offers its Safe Driving Kit to take advantage of this scenario. A visor clip built just for ZOMM holds the device near your face, and a car charger provides juice for ZOMM on the go.

As with most Bluetooth devices, ZOMM may cause your phone battery to run down a little faster. This was my main complaint when using the product, but the same thing happens with any Bluetooth headset. You will have to decide if a shorter battery life is worth having a safeguard against forgetting your phone. But for the absentminded, ZOMM Wireless Leash can provide plenty of protection.