Project Description

Connect Your Ride
ZUS, a smart-car charger and car locator, will ensure you never again have to utter the words, “Dude, where’s your car?” The company promises consumers the opportunity to charge USB devices at two times the speed and that a car will never been lost again.

The product launched on Indiegogo in October, and has since received $254,643 in funding, which is 2,524% of the $10,000 goal. In fact, the product had 5,491 backers.

However, our team was eager to get our hands on the device to determine if what is promised in its campaign lives up to the hype—and we have to say the device was fun to test and has a number of pros. Serving two functions in one—phone charger and car locator—the device will remember where you have parked your car when the engine turns off.

First of all, the device was very easy to install. It was as simple as downloading the app and plugging the device into the car. Additionally, there was no special software needed, other than the app, to make it work.

Our team also likes that the device fits well as part of the car’s look and feel and that the material feels solid, meaning the device isn’t likely to break. What’s more, two charging ports means our tester’s wife and him could charge the phones at the same time.

We also like that the phone charges up to 20% faster than other generic car charger—however this is not as fast as promised. The company promises that the device will charge a phone two times faster than any other device. For our tester, it was really only about 20% faster. Here is how he determined this: he charged the phone for an hour-long car ride from empty using a standard car charger and was able to near 31% battery in that hour. Using ZUS for the same length of time on the way home, the phone reached just under 50%.

Another pro to the device is the functionality of being able to locate the car. Our reviewer found this feature handy—however it came with a caveat. It wasn’t always exactly on target. At times, the reviewer was directly next to the car when the device indicated he was still 100 feet away. Still, when there was no interference, the device worked well.

Finally, another pro to the device is the thermal temperature gauge provided shows the charger was never hot, and stayed consistently cool every time it was plugged in.

Overall, this device delivers a good experience for consumers and can be a fun and easy way to connect your ride.

Unique Features:
Find your car feature and thermal temperature gauge.

The Good:
Fits well in car with strong material
No special software needed, just the app
Two charging ports
Charges phone 20% faster

The Bad:
Application to find car was not always 100% on target
Doesn’t charge as fast as promised