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Connect Your Ride ZUS, a smart-car charger and car locator, will ensure you never again have to utter the words, “Dude, where’s your car?” The company promises consumers the opportunity to charge USB [...]


Seek Thermal

Heat Seeker: Eyes in the Dark  The Seek Thermal imaging camera at first blush lives up to its name. You can see just about anything in the dark simply by taking advantage of thermal pixels to detect i [...]



I Can’t Blow First, I want to applaud SOBERLINK. The concept the company has for an M2M/IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled alcohol-monitoring device is a great one for those individuals who need a syste [...]



Progressive Snapshot: Deal or No Deal? Have you seen the fictional character Flo that appears in the Progressive Insurance Snapshot TV or radio commercials? Dating back to 2008, Flo has been explainin [...]


Scanadu Scout

Whether the term “DIY” scintillates or sends waves of anxiety through your body, Scanadu Scout is sure to intrigue and excite. A sort of DIY vital-signs health monitor, Scanadu Scout is like a combina [...]


Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony got a jumpstart on the smartwatch market, releasing its first iteration of the device in 2012, and has since built on its capabilities, releasing Sony SmartWatch 2. Working with any device runnin [...]



Already popular among many consumers, Pebble has 85,000 'pebblers' and counting. The epaper watch launched on Kickstarter last year, and generated more than $10 million from roughly 68,000 backers in [...]