One Call Alert,, a medical alert monitoring system, gives individuals the freedom to live independently and feel safe doing so.

ResCube, One Call Alert’s recent mobile wearable PERS (personal emergency response system), is an easy-to-use alert system that just might be one of the smallest PERS on the market. With just a click of a button the device is connected and the wearer can share medical information via a built-in speaker and microphone. Once activated an emergency operator will transfer the appropriate customized emergency contact. It’s that’s simple.

It operates on the T-Mobile network like a cellphone, so it doesn’t need to be plugged in to work. Even if it can’t find a signal, the wearable device will connect the user to the nearest emergency response center. In addition, this mobile wearable device can be activated remotely, in case the user forgets to turn it on. ResCube is even waterproof, allowing it to be worn in the shower.

ResCube can run up to two months on one charge and care be recharged via a  micro-USB charger. It can take about four hours to fully charge. When the battery is low, ResCube will warn the wearer via email and flashing lights that a new charge is required, preventing a dead battery in time of emergency

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