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Rise in IoT Usage

Understanding of the IoT (Internet of Things) is becoming increasingly more popular in 2015. According to Strategy Analytics IoT 2015 Deployment and Usage Trends Survey,, thirty percent of small-to-large businesses worldwide have begun IoT deployments.

Within the 30% of the IoT adopters, the respondents revealed they use IoT when enabling hardware, software, and standalone devices or systems the most.

The survey also uncovered other findings, revealing how far the integration of the IoT has come and where it might be headed. It concluded 32% of companies plan to deploy IoT, compared to 26% that say they have no IoT deployment plans. The other 42% are still exploring the issue and are unsure at this time.

Other polls from the survey indicate a company’s desire for IoT assimilation in their daily operations. For example, billable services, finances, healthcare, and smart building controls were some of the top IoT applications cited. Companies also look to secure both physical facilities and corporate data using the remote access of the IoT.

It’s clear the overall curiosity of the IoT is high, believes Laura DiDio, SA director of IoT strategies enterprise research and consulting. She explains the interest is important because there is a need to address and fix business issues.

With most businesses taking full advantage of the IoT’s offerings, this only urges the IoT to expand even more, making future possibilities endless.

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