July/Aug 2009

Carriers, while always playing a major role in M2M, are devoting more resources to this market as of late.

For example, Verizon Wireless, www.verizon.com, Basking Ridge, N.J., has seen success with its Open Development initiative, and T-Mobile USA Inc., www.t-mobile.com, Bellevue, Wash., long entrenched in the M2M space, continues to form new partnerships to extend its presence in the space.

Similarly, AT&T, www.att.com, Dallas, Texas, continues to demonstrate its commitment to M2M through its emerging devices division. Since the establishment of this division in late 2008, AT&T has announced a number of projects that connect devices to the network, from smart meters to telematics. The company says this effort, along with strong partnerships in M2M, shows AT&T is positioning itself as more than just another network provider.

Looking internationally, Orange Business Services, www.orange-business.com, Paris, France, announced its International M2M Center (IMC), to be operated by its subsidiary Mobistar, www.mobistar.be, Brussels, Belgium. With a focus on connectivity solutions for international companies, Orange says it will cover a broad spectrum of services within the value chain, including consulting, integration, and SIM (subscriber identity module) card development, among others.

Steve Hilton, vice president of enterprise and SMB research, Yankee Group, www.yankeegroup.com, Boston, Mass., is bullish on this announcement. “This IMC is one indication of how Orange has been doing R&D; not so much the ‘R’ part, but rather the ‘D’ part. The ‘R’ part of M2M for Orange is done in special R&D units around the world. They do academic quality research and take that research and move into a place like IMC where they do the ‘D’ part. I think that is an impressive way to bring product to market.”

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