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Samsung and Telkonet Enhance the Hotel Industry

Samsung,, is delivering seamless hotel integration and enhancing guest experience with its strategic hospitality alliance. The company is partnering with Telkonet,, an intelligent energy-management company, to create the ultimate hospitality experience for guests.

Samsung and Telkonet are offering a new multi-tiered LYNK SINC 3.0 with HMS solution for hotels to better service their guests. The new LYNK HMS is an optimized built-in TV content-management solution and involves multiple systems to kick it into gear.

EMS (energy-management system) minimizes energy consumption in unoccupied rooms, reducing costs for the hotel. Elite EMS goes further by maximizing guests’ comfort with thermal satisfaction when rooms are occupied. The system saves energy for hotels before, during, and after guests check out and provides a more relaxing environment for guests during their stay.

RMS (room-management system) allows realtime monitoring of guestrooms and guest requests. Guests are serviced more quickly with this system, therefore reducing complaints and labor expenses. Staff can respond immediately to guest requests by using mobile RMS. The program automates staffs’ workflow with functions that enable faster responses and boosts employee accountability with its customizable business regulations.

IRC (in-room control) lets guests access information and services from their own hotel room using IP- (Internet protocol)-based infrastructure. IRC enables in-room TVs to communicate with a hotel’s PMS (property-management system) and gives users control over air ventilation, lighting, drapery, and the doorbell system, all from the Samsung Smart Hospitality TV.

Samsung and Telkonet’s partnership is supplying a hospitality solution to give hotel guests the experience they pay for. LYNK HMS provides seamless integration and better solutions for hotel management.

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