Following mergers, acquisitions, and investments in the M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) space can be more than interesting—it can be telling. A new strategic investment can suggest a trend in the way data will be captured, stored, shared, and managed in the future IoT ecosystem.

SanDisk Corp.,, a provider of flash storage solutions, has announced SanDisk Ventures, the company’s venture arm, has invested in Altair Semiconductor,, a developer of high-performance, single-mode LTE (long-term evolution) chipsets. SanDisk says its ventures initiative is in place to strategically invest in companies and technologies that will extend the value proposition of flash-based solutions.

The company says Altair’s low-power, cost-efficient LTE chipset solutions are already being used by dozens of connected-device manufacturers and are deployed commercially on 4G/LTE networks around the world. The chips enable connectivity among IoT devices and between these devices and the cloud, including M2M sensors and applications, as well as consumer devices such as tablets and hotspots, among many others.

By solidifying its commitment to the connected-device space, SanDisk hopes to expand the possibilities of storage for the entire ecosystem, offering the potential to deliver untethered Internet and device-to-device connectivity.

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