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Securing the Enterprise

A strong enterprise is a secure enterprise. That’s why NetMotion Software,, a leader in MPM (mobile performance management) software, is teaming with Samsung,, to keep important company data and information in house. The partnership will see NetMotion’s Mobility integrated with Samsung’s Knox platform, enabling Galaxy Android users to enable security and management applications for businesses whether they are in or out of the office.

Mobility lets workers navigate enterprise traffic and ensures users are not using unauthorized VPN (virtual private network) profiles, and with the added features from Knox, it can keep the VPN tunnel running longer, leaving unsecure data out of reach. In addition, a more secure VPN tunnel also lets users stay connected if they are roaming between data networks. It does this by improving application performance, data usage, data compression, link optimization, as well as mobile QoS (quality of service) and packet loss recovery for voice and video systems.

In order to keep threats at bay, the new integration allows companies to create dynamic security policies that can sense changes in network or application conditions in realtime. If an inconsistency is detected, Mobility can automatically identify the root cause of the problem and adjust connections on mobile devices, the Internet, firewalls, and back-end servers to keep networks safe. The use of diagnostic solutions then come in to play with in-field visibility that drastically lowers troubleshooting processes and keeps repair downtimes to a minimum.

Once a problem is dealt with, enterprises can then learn from it with the help of realtime analytics and reporting that give business leaders an accurate look at bandwidth being used among workers, devices, and applications. Not only will they be able to better spot areas where problems are likely to occur, but they can use the analytic data to make better decisions for their mobile networks moving forward.

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