SkyWave Mobile Communications,, introduces the SG-7100 at CTIA’s Super Mobility Week. The SG-7100 is a smart fully-programmable and configurable cellular communications gateway for fleet management and industrial asset monitoring applications. This cellular gateway platform delivers connectivity and data analysis capabilities to connect remote people, equipment, and the enterprise system.

SG-7100’s modular hardware architecture offers several configuration options for cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet networking. It can enable in-field and LAN (local-area network) communications to local equipment, networks, and sensors via one-wire, serial, USB, Ethernet, digital, and analog peripheral port options. Skywave’s SG-7100 includes a device agnostic Web server, which supports a variety of workforce automation functions built with HTML5, including electronic forms. The HTML5 applications are able to support most smartphones, laptops, and tablets without requiring separate versions for each platform.

What makes this cellular gateway platform fully programmable and configurable is the integrated SkyWave Lua Services Framework and open Linux environment that allow for the simplistic development and integration of custom M2M applications. The cost-effective solution permits moving from self-contained small M2M message formats to a HMI (Human Machine Interface) solution.

More M2M data management and communications possibilities are on the horizon, with SkyWave’s SG-7100 being one example.

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