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Smart Lighting Solves Problems for Cities and Communities

Smart cities are on the rise and intelligent street light infrastructure is directing the path. Acuity Brands,, and Silver Spring Networks,, are collaborating to help utilities, cities, and large campus operators upgrade aging street lighting with smart city services.

The two companies are developing an intelligent lighting platform to establish smart-city applications and services. Silver Spring is using its networking platform and smart-city management software with Acuity Control’s intelligent photo controls to deliver the solution.

Upgrading old infrastructure to long-lasting and efficient LED (light-emitting diode) street lighting is a trend growing due to the 300 million streetlights worldwide. Older streetlights consume up to 40% of a city’s energy budget and require manual maintenance to repair. Cities can lower costs and expenses and increase efficiency by adding intelligent lighting solutions.

Another perk LED street lighting provides is its ability to alter light brightness based on traffic flow, time of night, and inclement weather. Pedestrians will receive higher safety benefits from Acuity Brands and Silver Spring’s partnership, and the city will be able to cut costs and establish a highly efficient network. .

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