New smart modules and LED light bulbs are shipping to homes across North America and giving consumers the ultimate home protection system. BeON Home’s,, system takes a new approach to home security and gives homeowners reliable solutions.

The BeON home protection system uses smart modules hidden inside LED light bulbs to provide safety lighting in case of emergency and power outage situations. The bulbs make it look as if someone is home even when they are not, keeping thieves away and establishing a more proactive home.

BeON smart modules automatically monitor and learn home members’ everyday lighting patterns and replay them even when everyone is away. If an intruder were to ring the doorbell and check if anyone were home, the smart modules turn lights on sequentially as if someone were awakening and moving throughout the house.

A backup battery recharges the smart module every time lights are used in the house and protects it even when light switches are turned off. The BeON home protection system seamlessly integrates into daily home life and can be further accessed through the mobile app using Bluetooth Smart.

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