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Smart-Street Lighting Spreads to Halifax

Smart streetlight deployment from Silver Spring Networks,, are expected to improve public safety, increase energy conservation, control costs, and establish a smart-city platform. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada will receive LED (light-emitting diode) solutions.

Silver Spring Networks is deploying 43,000 LED luminaires and vision control software for Halifax’s 400,000+ residents. It is estimated to be the largest municipal area in Canada’s maritime province region and will benefit largely from safer public spaces

The adaptive lighting platform offers realtime monitoring of streetlights and allows the city to manage any lighting problems more efficiently. Additionally, Halifax can easily integrate more smart city devices and applications in the future through the project’s platform.

Silver Spring’s streetlights help cities, utilities, and transportation agencies deploying intelligent lighting solutions that improve system reliability, increase energy efficiency, lower operational costs, and extend equipment lifespan. Most importantly, the lighting network enhances citizen safety and quality of life.

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