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Smarter Roads Unfold

As vehicles become smarter, the roads and cities that they inhabit must also advance. While analog car-counting sensor strips have done their job for transportation authorities throughout the years, it’s time for an upgrade. In order for them to adapt to more drivers on the road and prepare for new infrastructure projects, the IoT (Internet of Things) can help.

Now, organizations like the Dept. of Transportation,, are looking into new connected alternatives such as digital cameras in a network of light poles that can aggregate a mass amount of visual data all in one place. They are even preparing themselves for a massive reworking of American roadways that will require Internet networks beneath roads or externally to feed transportation data to the cloud. But what will they do with all of this information?

Service providers like Logicalis,, suggest that the implementation of new technology and new frameworks are just the beginning. Once companies have obtained this data, they need proper analytics solutions in place to make sense of it all for effective decision-making in the future. This will allow them to analyze traffic patterns to create solutions that can help reduce congestion, accidents, and collisions. It will even greatly prepare them for new innovations like autonomous vehicles and predict changes accordingly.

Logicalis also offers several bits of advice to transportation authorities when it comes to seeking out the right solution and easing budget concerns. They suggest that organizations should have a strategic plan in place that avoid purchasing technology reactively and takes into account how they will be affected several years down the road. It is also encouraging the DOT to look at how connected transportation will make jobs more efficient and responsive to problems on the road like broken bridges, congested off-ramps, and emergency repairs.

Lastly, they need to listen to public. Identifying their needs and concerns will enable companies to accommodate for this new age in transportation.

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