Data is empowering. By aggregating data from machines, applications, and systems within an enterprise, IoT (Internet of Things)-enabling solutions can help companies create a realtime visual on operations to help improve workflows and decisionmaking.

Synchrono,, a provider of demand-driven manufacturing software, hopes to deliver this type of actionable information to its enterprise customers—and particularly to its manufacturing customers. The company has announced the latest version (6.0) of SyncOperations, a manufacturing intelligence system powered by software from Savigent,

SyncOperations includes a workflow automation engine, a data historian, and the ability to connect and aggregate data from enterprise systems and machines. Version 6.0 offers enhancements and new features, including an artifact server that stores ready-to-deploy applications for easy use across an enterprise; enhanced functionality and flexibility that allows workflows to interact with all environment information without the need for dedicated interface types; infrastructure changes that allow online data storage and Web-based queries of the system; and new IM-SQL querying language support.

Synchrono says SyncOperations helps enable the IIoT (industrial IoT) by pulling and analyzing data from multiple sources and driving value for manufacturers and their customers. By simplifying complex manufacturing environments and capturing realtime data capable of connecting systems, machines, and people, IoT solutions can create a more synchronized workflow that can transform business results.

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