Participating in the Internet for the Future

Have you given much thought about what to expect from the Internet of tomorrow? Candidly, this topic has been foremost on my mind lately after I sat down with executives from Cisco to discuss the company’s vision of the Internet for the Future.

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Assessing and Addressing the Industrial Skills Gap

As technological innovation gains momentum, digital skills gaps may widen. Eventually, if not addressed, digital skills gaps could stunt growth and slow innovation. Intel recently released a study that delves into manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and hurdles to future-proofing a business, including skills gaps or skills shortages.

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SC Hurdles and the IoT

We are just about at the end of the year and readying ourselves to make predictions for the new decade, but before I start to do that, I thought we should look at what’s been happening in procurement, supply chain, and how the IoT (Internet of Things) is making an impact on business processes.

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What’s Ahead for AVs and Robotaxis

‘Tis the season for looking ahead, and one of the most exciting technologies on the horizon is AVs (autonomous vehicles), including both personal AVs and transportation services, like autonomous taxis or “robotaxis.”

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Microsoft: Zero Sum

For this blog I want to talk about the race to the cloud. In fact, I am going to focus on Microsoft Azure IoT (Internet of Things) specifically because I spent a lot of time interviewing Sam George, vice president of Azure IoT at Microsoft.

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AI in CPG and Beyond

In an era of AI (artificial intelligence) and the IoT (Internet of Things), enterprise applications are continuing to evolve, and CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies are taking note and moving to new applications.

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The Cost of Cyber (Ouch)!

With an increase in the amount of advanced technology being used by the trades—everything from wearables to drones to automated equipment—the construction industry is beginning to recognize the risks involved in a connected world.

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