Are Manufacturers Ready for 5G?

The importance of 5G is going to be profound. And it’s going to be important to the future of the Internet of Things and more specifically within the context of the workplace. The real question then is how might 5G affect workplaces? Even more importantly, how will 5G impact manufacturing?

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IoT to Alter Agriculture and Food

We are going to need the IoT (Internet of Things) to help solve the problems that are facing agriculture and the future of food. There is not a person on the planet that doesn’t understand the importance of food, ag, and farming. Couple these facts with people living longer than ever, and we just keep having babies and you have a pot ready to boil over.

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Microsoft Azure Is Growing a New Ag for the Future

The agriculture industry is one of the most important and perhaps impactful industries in the world and Micorosoft Azure is already planting the seeds sensing the needs for a more connected future in the IoT (Internet of Things).

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Ag, Animals, & IoT Sensors

Agriculture and the future of food is going through a transformation that is being driven by the IoT (Internet of Things). IoT-smart sensing solutions in agriculture are now more than just crop monitoring. Today we are hearing a lot about sensors being used in vineyards and other situations to monitor water use, for instance, but sensors are being used for many other reasons in agriculture. Smart farming technology has been on the rise for more than a decade.

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Securing Your IoT Devices

While the IoT (Internet of Things) offers great potential, it also demands that companies make a greater commitment to security to fend off cyber criminals even if that means focusing more attention on advancements in computing power. Connected devices and the IoT offers such immense potential, but they’re not inherently good, just like they’re not inherently bad.

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IoT Security Starts with Education

IoT security. For this column I really want to talk about how IoT security impacts the manufacturing industry since that is what the main feature here really addresses as well. And as you will see our Website is focusing more on taking a closer look at the content in a particular area and drilling down even deeper to help you understand how it will impact your bottomline in the year ahead when looking at bigger solutions such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, big data, data intelligence, Industry 4.0, machine learning, virtual reality, sensors, and cybersecurity.

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CES – 101: Industry 4.0

The fourth Industrial Revolution—Industry 4.0—is fast turning manufacturing toward ever-more-advanced automation and digitization. The growing presence of connected devices, 3D printing, and high-speed machines, advanced sensors, cloud computing, data analytics, mobile devices, robotics and AI (artificial intelligence), 3D printing, all underlie this next wave.

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A Better View of Manufacturing

With Industry 4.0 leading the next wave of innovation in manufacturing, Zebra Technologies Corp.,, recently released the results of its 2017 Manufacturing Vision Study, offering a look at where this new age in the market is headed and how manufacturers are using the Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) to improve visibility and overall quality in the factory.

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What’s the Market Value for Industrial Wearables?

Recently, my editorial team and I were discussing an article that claimed Fitbit’s sales struggles bode poorly for the wearables market as a whole. The article cited lackluster 2016 holiday sales of fitness trackers and subsequent layoffs at Fitbit as evidence that the wearables market was “stagnant.” But here’s my point—since when did we give Fitbit so much say over the entire wearables space?

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IoT Headed for a Change?

You generally know you’re talking about an important trend when there have only been a handful of similar ones in all of history. Such is the case with the current “Industrial Revolution,” often dubbed Industry 4.0.

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Machines Have Something to Say

Let’s talk smart factories. We all know the first Industrial Revolution in the late 18th and early 19th centuries marked a major turning point in the world’s history. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, we relied on manual labor to manufacture things. But that changed with the invention of machine-driven production.

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AIS Introduces Cloud Computing Ready Industrial Panel PCs With Open Standard Architecture Enabling Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 Applications

American Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS), an innovator, designer and manufacturer of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), HMI Touch Panels, Industrial Touch Screens, Displays, Operator Interface Terminals (OITs), Box PCs, Industrial PCs, and Thin Clients, announce their Smart family PC-based HMI Touch Screen Panels and Industrial Panel PCs (IPCs) are designed and engineered to accommodate and support key requirements of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things applications for control, monitoring and automation.

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