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Talksum Releases eTDSR Solution

Talksum,, leader in high-speed data processing and management solutions, announced its eTDSR (Embedded Talksum Data Stream Router) solution.

The eTDSR acts upon incoming events from IoT (Internet of Things) devices, provides realtime mixed-signal analysis of the data at the remote sites and then routes it to data centers for further analysis and action.

The eTDSR, which is an extension of the hardware-based TDSR (Talksum Data Stream Router), eliminates time delays while processing massive amounts of data.

Lag can otherwise financially impact enterprises, public utilities, and private entities with delayed reports, missed anomalies, operational inefficiencies, policy and security violations, and lost opportunities.

The current approach of working with data is to first store it, and then understand it. This approach brings expense, lack of scalability, and stability concerns. The eTDSR solution overcomes these challenges by flipping the current approach to first understand the data and immediately act upon it in realtime, before storing. Logic can be applied early in the process so the data can be acted upon in realtime.

Market examples include energy, medical, and transportation. As a complete large-scale solution, the remote site eTDSR can be combined with the data center level TDSR to bring realtime decisions to IoT and smart cities.

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