TomTom,, introduces TomTom MyDrive, a Website and app designed to seamlessly connect the car to the digital world.

Drivers can use their smartphone, tablet, or PC to review realtime traffic information, plan routes, and send destinations to their TomTom GO, before they get in the car.

TomTom MyDrive is launching an innovative set of features and will continue to evolve, because the MyDrive platform is open to developers and third parties. This means innovative driving concepts and applications can be developed and implemented in the future, benefiting drivers all over the world.

At launch, TomTom MyDrive allows drivers to go faster by sending destinations to their TomTom GO from their smartphone, tablet, or PC. As soon as the driver gets in the car, they are ready to leave.

TomTom MyDrive also helps drivers to know when to leave so that they arrive on time, because they can see realtime traffic information before they go. People can review the latest traffic situation, pre-plan routes, and get an ETA (estimated time of arrival) based on the current traffic, allowing them to plan their departure or arrival time.

And it’s easier than ever to add favorite destinations anytime, anywhere. People can set home and work locations, save favorites, and see them on the map on any device, and even import custom points of interest lists.

MyDrive is available via on PCs and laptops and via apps on iOS and Android devices on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

MyDrive launches on the all-new TomTom GO 510, GO 610, GO 5100, and GO 6100, and is available on previous TomTom GO models, via a software update.

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