The Val Verde County Texas Sheriff’s Office is working on a pilot program with M2M Spectrum Networks,, to have the company provide the department with asset-tracking technology for its vehicles and equipment. The deal was made in order to assist the department with following an officer’s equipment in case criminal activity occurs within the Texas border town.

Tracking of the equipment will require use of RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology, and M2M Spectrum Networks has selected GlobeRanger,, a provider of end-to-end enterprise-edge solutions and services, and a wholly owned Fujitsu, company. GlobeRanger will employ its iMotion application infrastructure software which is situated between back-end systems and data-collection devices in order to manage components and provide realtime responses.

iMotion’s platform  will be used throughout the county, at no cost, for a period of at least 18 months and is designed to combine “the physical world of automated data collection with enterprise software systems.” The goal of the program is to trace the movement of police vehicles and its contents to help ensure the safety and protection of an officer’s equipment.

According to Joe Frank Martinez, sheriff, Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office, “Public-private partnerships such as what we are engaging in with M2M Spectrum Networks assist the county in evaluating new technologies while giving our officers added situational awareness to protect our citizens. We are happy to support these types of pilot programs that not only help the citizens of Val Verde, but that will highlight capabilities that are essential on the border.”

GlobeRanger’s involvement in RFID technology is currently being used by organizations such as the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency,, and Flora Holland, The platform has also be used in supply chain operations, logistics, perishables tracking, and healthcare.

George Brody, CEO, GlobeRanger, believes this program will go a long way to ensuring police protection. “Our leading-edge RFID and sensor-based solutions combined with M2M Spectrum Network’s best-in-class data transmission backbone will deliver a program that will ensure that Sheriff’s Office assets don’t fall into the wrong hands,” he says. “I am confident that this project will set the standard for law enforcement asset tracking.”

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