u-blox, www.u-blox.com, says its SARA-U260 dual-band 3G/2G module has attained AT&T, www.att.com, network compatible status.

This certification enables customers to design SARA-U260 modems into M2M devices operating over AT&T’s 3G network. The module is for applications which still require roaming ability with 2G using AT&T’s 3G network coverage. Ideal applications include small tracking boxes, UBI (usage-based insurance) devices, smart metering, wearable electronics, and connected-fitness watches.

SARA-U260 may be small in size, but it delivers full voice and data capability, along with a full suite of IP (Internet protocol) stacks. With SARA-U260, customers are provided specific features required for telematics units, handheld devices, communications modules, POS (point-of-sale) terminals, vehicle “black boxes,” and utility meters.

SARA-U260 is pin-compatible with SARA-G3 GSM (global system for mobile communications)/GPRS (general packet radio service) modules, in addition to being layout-compatible with LISA-U2 and TOBY-L2 LTE (long-term evolution) modules. Since all SARA modules share the same form factor and footprint, engineers are able to develop one hardware/software platform to support GSM/GPRS, HSPA (high speed packet access), or LTE, dependent on which their customer requires.

The dual-band 3G/2G module hosts multiple embedded IP protocols, including TCP (transmission control protocol)/IP, UDP (user datagram protocol)/IP, HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol), and FTP (file transfer protocol). It also integrates with in-band modem support for automotive emergency calls, such as eCall and ERA/GLONASS, when in need of road assistance.

SARA-U260 is designed to use advanced GNSS (global navigation satellite system) positioning capabilities. It does so with direct A-GPS support and CellLocate hybrid positioning technology.

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