Biometrics solutions can provide enhanced security for the connected devices that make up the IoT (Internet of Things). Sensory,, a biometrics solutions provider, wants to make it even easier for OEMs (original-equipment manufacturers) to embed speaker-verification technology into mobile devices, apps, consumer electronics, and automotive solutions.

The company has announced an à la carte SDK (software development kit) for the new embedded speaker verification component of its TrulySecure technology platform. Sensory says by leveraging the technology, OEMs can deliver new experiences in which a user’s voice can be used to switch profiles, access specific data, or track conversations with personal digital assistants.

The solution identifies and authenticates users based on voice alone. It does away with the need for integrating fingerprint readers into devices and it is more secure than a personal PIN code or a text-based password, both of which can be guessed or stolen.

Sensory’s voice biometrics solution offers a 96% success rate at recognizing users correctly and a 99.99% success rate at recognizing and rejecting imposters. Additional features include simple user enrollment, accent and language agnostic, and adaptability—the ability to improve performance over time as the technology “learns” users’ voices.

The company says the speaker verification component of TrulySecure will start shipping in devices, apps, and cars as early as Q4 2015.

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