More and more distributed retailers are looking to leverage the IoT (Internet of Things) to collect data and to capitalize on opportunities created by this data. For instance, retailers in all industries can leverage IoT solutions to connect more deeply with clients and to better communicate goals and objectives among employees at all levels and in all locations.

Square Root,, a technology company that offers a store relationship management platform for companies with distributed retail networks, has announced one of its latest clients, Volkswagen of America,, will leverage its solution to enable more consultative, data-driven visits between field teams and independent dealerships.

The company’s SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform, CoEFFICIENT, delivers actionable data in a way that increases transparency and helps employees make sense of the information, while also encouraging collaboration and ultimately improving store performance. Square Root says the solution allows companies to identify opportunities at each store or location, work collaboratively to address these opportunities, and come out on top by meeting performance goals.

Volkswagen is now added to Square Root’s roster of other CoEFFICIENT users in automotive and retail that have come to rely on the platform’s help in powering data-driven decisionmaking.

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