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Water Monitoring Startup Gains Investment

An Israeli startup that specializes in monitoring and leak detection solutions is receiving a $2.2 million investment. Aquarius Spectrum,, graduated the Hutchison-Kinrot Technology Incubator and is gaining support from Hutchison Water,

Established in 2009, Aquarius Spectrum developed an integrated system of sensors and software for monitoring pipe conditions and issuing alerts on developing leaks. Its technology helps to prevent water loss and allows smart and efficient maintenance of water networks.

Aquarius Spectrum proves its advanced technology and products are equipped for Hutchison Water’s services. The Hutchison-Kinrot incubator in Israel has worked to support and cultivate companies in water and cleantech sectors, and it has since developed a portfolio of companies advanced in water, treatment, purification, and smart network management technologies, among others.

The company currently has 2,000 sensors operating in four cities.. Since its start, Aquarius Spectrum has gained attention for effective and advanced water solutions.

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