Wearables: What’s Next?

This wearable market is really exciting. I think the network providers, chipset makers, and even the customer-relations application providers see the opportunities abound. Smartglasses, health and fitness devices, and smartwatches will most likely be the primary form-factors purchased by the enterprises and used by employees and consumers alike. We are already seeing massive adoption in industries and businesses from hospitality, travel, healthcare, sports, and even fitness that have discovered unique and innovative ways for adopting these solutions.

But this is only the beginning as more and more developers connect people to business as we have seen with the latest news with jumping into the fray with Salesforce Wear, a new software kit for developers.

If Salesforce can enter the game, the possibilities are endless as I have already stated for smartwatches, glasses, healthcare gadgets, you name it. We are already seeing great partnerships in the wearable market with companies like Google Glass in hospitality and travel, along with the app from Destinia, and Salesforce with partners and products, with the Pebble,, smartwatch, Samsung Gear,, smartwatch; and Google Glass,; Android Wear, Myo,, armband; Bionym’s,, band.

Healthcare is growing at unprecedented levels and health professionals need to stay educated about all the latest technological innovations. We will continue to see impressive products come to market from monitoring devices that can be worn by cardiac patients outside of a hospital preventing emergency visits and readmissions. Developers are even creating new solutions to extend a patient’s home recovery and preventing hospitalizations in the first place.

How will these wearables fit in and do they really have a place in your health and fitness?

But what’s next and who is else be will leading the market? That is exactly why Aeris Communications,, and Connected World magazine will be addressing wearables for the healthcare industry and where we see the greatest short-term adoption.

On Wednesday, June 25 we will be doing a Webinar called Eye, Wrist, Body … Where is the Wearables Market Headed?

Wearables are clearly the next big discussion in the connected market. For that reason we invite you to be part of the discussion. If Google has its way wearables will go from being geeky and freaky to more than just a fad to being a part of our everyday lifestyle. So join the conversation and find out where this technology will fit into your rapidly changing world.

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