While findings show 62% of employees are still extremely vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks due to using personal computers, many are extremely organized and beginning to find work-life balance. A study conducted by NordVPN during the last two weeks of March 2020 looks at how 5,000 people were WFH (working from home) due to social distancing during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

A closer look at the landscape shows 42% are using personal devices exclusively, while 20% switched between personal and company laptops depending on convenience. Further, the average workday is now approaching 11 hours, as people are spending up to three hours longer logged into business VPNs. This is chiefly recorded in the United States, but numbers have been rising all over the world.

Still, most people don’t feel like their work-life balance is suffering. Here is a closer look at the numbers.

  • 48% had no trouble separating their work from their free time.
  • 33% had difficulty in balancing work and leisure.
  • 18% were undecided.

Most respondents were also incredibly organized when it came to working from home. The numbers show people are setting themselves up for work.

  • 74% either had a dedicated office or desk for work.
  • 11% used the kitchen table.
  • 5% worked from the sofa.
  • 3% had no set comfortable place and moved around.
  • 2% worked from their beds.

While many are open to cybersecurity attacks due to using personal computers, people have been careful when it comes to new apps.

  • 54% hadn’t downloaded any new apps since the lockdown began.
  • 24% downloaded new apps deemed necessary by their employer.
  • 12% downloaded apps for leisure.
  • Only 8% downloaded productivity apps.

When it comes to how they are spending free time, 72% were watching TV or movies. Others are spring cleaning, doing chores, reading books, learning new things, playing computer games, and chatting online with family and friends.

The result so far? Roughly 43% believe they were more productive when working from home, compared to 36% who felt ambiguous about the situation, and only 19% who claim they are less productive.

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