Harald Haas

These days, the Founding Father of LiFi, Harald Haas, has a happy home life with his wife and their four children, and watching LiFi finally take off, but it didn’t come easy. As chief scientific officer of PureLiFi, he recognized a problem and figured out the pieces to overcome it; still LiFi success didn’t happen overnight. Haas shares with Peggy Smedley how he is drawn to guide his students, explaining the importance of being a role model and motivating new talent to be innovators. Growing from the loss of his mother at an early age has helped him balance family and work, recognizing that life is precious, he relishes every minute he has with his family to make it as valuable as possible.

“Thank you very much for sending this link. You and your team did an amazing world-class job – congratulations… such a great presentation.
My entire family loved it !! This is the biggest quality certificate that can be achieved on this planet 😉 “

-Harald Haas

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