Michael Morton

Michael Morton sits down and has a drink with Peggy Smedley, and talks about life as an IBM master inventor and what it takes to be CTO and vice president of Dell Boomi. He reveals his passion for cars, growing up on a family farm, and taking things apart only to see how they work. After discovering his true geeky side, he dives into what it takes to be a leader and help grow his company in his three big roles as chief technical officer, chief therapy officer, and chief thinking officer.

“It is surreal to see this. I always have a bit of trepidation before watching because I know I will critique incessantly. But I braced myself and watched from beginning to end. I was probably about 10 minutes in and it unexpectedly made me a bit emotional. I guess because I don’t often reflect on life. I really appreciate the opportunity to have such a unique experience.”

-Michael Morton

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