Busy Doings for VMware

Virtualization and cloud infrastructure software company VMware, www.vmware.com, is making moves in the IoT (Internet of Things) arena with a couple of announcements.

Emerging Markets Steps on the Gas…And Oil

The gas and oil industries could be in for quicker and easier communications capabilities with the help of a new connectivity solution.

In-Vehicle Networking Solution Provides Always-On Connectivity

Police cars, ambulances, mass transit, etc., want to be able to scale deployments quickly and manage their in-vehicle networks in realtime.

Turning IoT Data into Actionable Information

Analytics platforms play a key role in helping businesses extract the maximum amount of meaning from various data sets.

The Automotive M2M Value Chain

Thinking about driving a connected car off the lot in 2015?

ADLINK and Intel Team up for Transformation

ADLINK Technology, www.adlinktech.com and Intel, www.intel.com, have announced they are unveiling a collaborative technology strategy.

Icontrol Expands Ecosystem and Global Presence

Icontrol, www.icontrol.com, has had its eyes set on growing its market presence and has now taken steps toward that with a few business moves.

Apple and Samsung Putting Fingerprint on Market

The fingerprint sensor market is one to keep an eye on during the next few years, and two companies are expected to lead charge in that area.

Intel Addresses ‘Retail Security Gap’

Addressing data security is one important way M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) companies can help drive the industry forward.

New Online Store Tied to Bluetooth Smart

A new online store is being launched offering devices based solely on Bluetooth Smart, www.bluetooth.com.