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Digital Signage Spurs IoT Growth

A new forecast from IDC (Intl. Data Corp.), www.idc.com, states the IoT (Internet of Things) market is expected to grow 19% in 2015. Digital signage is said to lead growth with the second annual forecast focusing on IoT growth in 11 vertical industries: consumer, retail, healthcare, government, manufacturing, and transportation, among others
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Ping Pursues Identity-Defined Security

A migration toward cloud, mobile, and the IoT (Internet of Things) has necessitated a fresh and more urgent approach to digital security. Because traditional security solutions don’t always make the cut in a connected society in terms of relevance and effectiveness, one company has vowed to take it up a notch by putting identity at the center of IT security.
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Signature Sensor Adds Character

Your signature is a characteristic that differentiates you from the rest, thus making you unique and identifiable.
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Chip & PIN Solutions Choose TNS for Wireless POS Connectivity, Real-Time Transaction Reporting

Chip & PIN Solutions, a leading UK based terminal provider with over 10 years’ experience within the payment industry, has chosen TNS’ Global Wireless Access (GWA) Roaming SIM and MIS solutions to boost its future growth.
By |7/2/2015|
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Funding Boost for Home Security

Looking to help redefine the home security industry with its all-in-one security product, Canary, www.canary.is.com, has gained $30 million in funding to further advance its protection for homes, families, and communities.
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Tracking Fleet Hours on the Go

The U.S. DOT (Dept. of Transportation) and various state governments have issued mandates for fleets to maintain electronic logs of their driving schedules. This may seem like it could be time-consuming for drivers, but VisTracks, www.vistracks.com, an industry-leading family of M2M and fleet technologies, has created a tablet app to comply with new standards.
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Open for Business and Closed to Theft

NXT-ID Inc., http://nxt-id.com/, a biometric authentication company focused on the growing mobile commerce market, announced that wocketwollet.com, is open.
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LoRaWAN R1.0 Open Standard Released for the IoT

LoRa Alliance™ - The LoRaWAN R1.0 specification today attained Public Release status and is now available to download from the LoRa Alliance website.
By |7/1/2015|
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Closing the IoT Education Gap

Early education is key to building the future and moving projects forward in any job field, and this is especially true in the IoT (Internet of Things) market where there is an ever growing gap between education and industry needs.
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Telematics Partnership Achieves the Masses

What happens when a leader in industrial-telematics equipment and a leader in industrial-equipment rental, management, and servicing work together? The two companies become capable of achieving significant milestones.
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