Telit and Google IoT Challenge

Everyone likes the occasional challenge, and Telit Wireless Solutions,, is teaming up with Google Cloud Platform,, to test developer’s talents...

Bringing Enterprises Closer to the IoT

What if there was a universal M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) gateway that connects all enterprise systems to the cloud? Crazy, right? Well, there is!

Mobile Marketing Gets Mixed Reviews

Not many people enjoy receiving phone calls from solicitors especially if the call involves something the person doesn’t need or want.

Toshiba Adds to the Family

Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc.,, expands the family of application processors for wearable devices with the new ApP Lite processor.

Mexico Factory Automation Showing Progress

The factory automation and machine vision market in Mexico is showing great promise and bigger things are expected in the years to come.

Globally Expanding Mobile Financial Services

M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) solutions are extending banking all the way out to West Africa. Tigo Senegal,, has launched the Tigo Cash service...

Capturing Social Media Posts

Social media has become much more than college students being able to stay in touch with their high school buddies.

SkyCloud Has Its Benefits

Ctek,, in collaborating with ecosystem partners M2M Wireless,, and TnT Technologies,, for Ctek’s SkyCloud service.

Nano Spider Crawls into Wearables

Attempting to create exceptionally tiny M2M products, OriginGPS,, has launched the Nano Spider, a fully integrated, small GPS receiver. The Nano Spider module supports ultra-compact...

Vonage Holdings Gets a Hold of Telesphere Networks

To expand communication services, acquiring another company might be the answer.