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Improving the Mobile Printing Experience

When thinking about the continual advancements of printers, there have been many changes within the past years. At first, one had to be connected with an actual cord to print. However, Wi-Fi changed the dynamic, and a person could print without being physically attached.
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Growth of the Industrial IoT

The expanding implementation of the IoT (Internet of Things) within industrial settings is on the rise, according to ABI Research, www.abiresearch.com. The firm predicts from 2014 to 2020, the number of connected industrial controllers will grow at an average rate of 20%.
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Boost Mobile Hotspot Plans

Boost Mobile, www.boostmobile.com, releases the NETGEAR Fuse to deliver fast LTE (long-term evolution) speeds, while simultaneously connecting up to 10 Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity)-enabled devices. The hotspot allows Wi-Fi at home and on-the-go and works both indoors and out.
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ACCESS Helps Automotive OEMs Leverage Big Data

When it comes to “hot” vertical markets in M2M and the IoT (Internet of Things), the connected car is always among the first to be mentioned. T
By |7/31/2015|
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Interview with Gary Les

The successful CEO is many things, but foremost, a leader. Leaders require courage, the conviction of their beliefs, and the savvy to bring together as one the many moving parts of a modern company.
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REAC Monitoring Improves Worker Safety

M2M solutions are gaining traction and companies are experiencing more operational efficiencies. PrecyseTech, www.precysetech.com, is following suit and lending AECOM, www.aecom.com, REAC (remote entity awareness and control) solutions to identify and monitor vital engine statistics for more than 330 vehicles, pieces of heavy equipment, and vessels at the Olmstead Dam construction site.
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Rise in IoT Usage

Understanding of the IoT (Internet of Things) is becoming increasingly more popular in 2015. According to Strategy Analytics IoT 2015 Deployment and Usage Trends Survey, www.strategyanalytics.com, thirty percent of small-to-large businesses worldwide have begun IoT deployments.
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Sage Partners with Salesforce to Support Small Businesses

This week, in New Orleans at the Sage Summit, a global strategic partnership is taking center stage, as it boosts small business operations and provides opportunities for PaaS (platform-as-a-service).
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Interview with Barry Lunn, CEO, Arralis

Some things we see directly with our eyes, and some we do not. In fact, there are many things we do not see directly, but find evidence of their existence through intermediaries which we have built: Our scientific instrumentation.
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Dali Wireless Supports Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision

To help support Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision, which aims to bring high-speed wireless connectivity to “everyone, everything, everywhere, all the time,” technology provider Dali Wireless, www.daliwireless.com, and NCS, www.ncs.com.sg, an ICT (information and communications technology) delivery specialist across Singapore and other countries, have completed a successful trial of Dali Wireless’ technology, which will help deliver seamless connectivity to mobile users in Singapore.
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