Control Your Home with MyQ App

Having so many smart appliances and devices in your home can be a hassle to manage.

SOLARKIOSK Helps Underdeveloped

Undeveloped communities in Africa are gaining solar energy, electricity, and access to information with the SOLARKIOSK.

SensorHound Selected by IoT Accelerator

Startups like SensorHound,, know it can be costly when IoT (Internet of Things) companies have a security problem or failure. SensorHound attempts to provide a solution for those failures.

More Data, Less Paper in Healthcare

It’s a data-driven world and the medical realm is far from an exception.

GPS SmartSoles Takes on Canada

GTX Corp., recently announced its flagship GPS and BLE (Bluetooth low energy) SmartSole line of products have been purchased from Canadian distributor Safe Tracks GPS Canada Inc.

AllSeen Alliance Adds Electrolux

Collaboration is becoming a key factor in the world of M2M and IoE (Internet of Everything).

Safety, Redefined with Watch

Lively,, says it has a new watch that does more than just tell time.

ORBCOMM Service to Six Satellites

ORBCOMM,, is reconnecting with outer space by running commercial service to its first six satellites it deployed earlier this year.

Growth Ahead for Medical Robotics

Robots may seem like the stuff of science-fiction movies, but many vertical markets are leveraging robotics technology to accomplish goals in today’s connected world.

Growing SDN Market

The worldwide SDN (software-defined networking) market for the enterprise and the cloud-service provider segments is predicted to climb from $960 million in 2014 to more than $8 billion by 2018.