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Gazing into Wearables

Upskill, upskill.io, is taking the vision of the worker beyond the task at hand with the help of GE Aviation, www.geaviation.com, on a pilot program that will explore new use cases for AR (augmented reality) and assisted reality solutions across several verticals.

M2M Flourishes in Agriculture

Seeds for innovation in agriculture are continuing to blossom, as Technavio, www.technavio.com, is reporting the global agriculture M2M market will grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of more than 47% within the next five years. It further highlights the specific regions impacting and benefiting the most from the evolving agriculture M2M market.

In Focus

Connected Senior Living

In talking about a connected world, one group is often left out of the conversation: seniors. However, connected devices and IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled solutions can empower senior citizens by making everyday tasks easier, by helping doctors, caregivers, and seniors themselves keep better track of health parameters, and by enriching seniors’ lives through connectivity.

Boeing Ups the Ante with RFID

Like many other manufacturers in a wide range of industries, Boeing, www.boeing.com, is always looking for ways to increase production rates and decrease costs. Also like many other manufacturers in a wide range of industries, the aircraft manufacturer found what it was looking for by turning to the IoT (Internet of Things).

Think Tank

Industrial IoT Commercial Vehicles Market Racing Past Connected Cars

There is no other IoT (Internet of Things) sector that is covered with such adoration and frequency as the connected car. With a potential market of more than $250 billion, it’s rightfully so. Connected cars are sexy and appealing to a wide range of people so they grab all the headlines while the less attractive, connected commercial vehicle market chugs along quietly in the shadows building up a market value that will exceed $300 billion.

Enterprise Data Security and the IoT

Today’s enterprise understands the value of data. The ability to collect data related to performance and processes, and turn that data into meaningful business intelligence is a major driver in the adoption of technologies that connect objects to networks—the IoT or Internet of Things—in order to communicate back to an owner for the purpose of controlling, monitoring, or better understanding its operation.

You Cannot Spell “IDIOT-PROOF” Without IOT

There have been serendipitous product calamities. Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” is still amongst the Top 10 halftime shows in Superbowl History according to CBS News, and “led to the creation of YouTube.”

Now they’re talkin


Rethinking Healthcare Delivery, Engagement, and Insurance

From managing chronic conditions to enabling innovative insurance programs, the IoT is redefining healthcare. Healthcare, unfortunately, is outdated.


Threats to IoT devices Are Growing

Cybersecurity seems to be one of those issues that just keeps coming up in discussions about the IoT (Internet of Things). When talking about healthcare, connected cars, and so on, as an industry we recognize security as a hurdle for enterprise adoption and innovation as well as consumer or end user adoption.

Horn, Intel, and IoT

What do John Horn, Intel, and rumors all have in common? They all seem to be a playing a role in catching the IoT (Internet of Things) eye of anyone who follows the space. Just before we all headed off to enjoy the Fourth of July holiday it seems there was a lot of fireworks in the IoT space as it was announced that the formidable John Horn was stepping down from his role as CEO at Ingenu. It’s still unclear as to why he left his role as CEO which he took over in 2015 to help build wireless networks across the globe.

Press Releases

Intel Democratizes Deep Learning Application Development with Launch of Movidius Neural Compute Stick

Today, Intel launched the Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick, the world's first USB-based deep learning inference kit and self-contained artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator that delivers dedicated deep neural network processing capabilities to a wide range of host devices at the edge.

Senet and New Boundary Technologies Collaborate to Provide Rapid Time to Market for IoT Applications

Senet, a leading provider of global connectivity and network management for the Internet of Things, and New Boundary Technologies, a leading IoT application service provider, today announced a partnership to integrate New Boundary Technologies’ RemoteAware™ Enterprise IoT application service with Senet’s standards-based IoT network.  

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Augmented Reality: A First Hand Experience

My recent experience demonstrating an AR (augmented reality) workflow at ProMat, the largest material handling tradeshow in the United States, falls under the category of teaching old dogs new tricks. I am the old dog; AR is the new trick. The good news is learning to use AR was not difficult, and the experience was positive and even fun to do.

When Digital Deletion Is Not Enough

Big Data is part of our lives and we create a lot of it. If fact, users globally generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day. Traditional hard drives (HDD) use spinning platters with mechanical moving parts and nonvolatile storage that retain your data even after the power is shut off. Solid-state drives (SSD) utilize integrated circuits, which can store large amounts of data that can be accessed very quickly. In this case, interconnected flash memory chips also retain the data after the power is shut off. Regardless of your storage medium of choice, you need to realize that your hard drive will always contains documents, emails, banking statements, and loads of personal information directly tied to you.