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The Tech Innovators of Tomorrow

The next great Steve Jobs is currently sitting in a classroom. He or she could help your business disrupt IoT (Internet of Things) in the future. But is he or she being taught what is needed?

Is the Desk Phone Dead?

Mobile devices are proliferating at a faster rate than ever before. With this in mind, will desk phones disappear altogether? A new survey reveals which communication method takes top billing in businesses: cellphones or landlines.

In Focus

Episode 523 08.08.17

Sara Lupien, contract and revenue manager, Caterpillar Inc., joined Peggy Smedley to discuss the new efforts to help condition machine workers to understand the value of data through the use of subscription services.

Casino Tech Improves Operations and Gaming Experience

Like other businesses, casinos care about efficiency and profitability. Aliante Casino Hotel and Spa, www.aliantegaming.com, a Boyd Gaming casino resort in Las Vegas, Nev., is leveraging technology to better manage its assets and improve the guest experience. It has partnered with Scientific Games, www.scientificgames.com, a developer of technology-based products and services and associated content for gaming, lottery, and interactive markets, to install a slot and casino management system that drives value for the casino resort in multiple ways.

Think Tank

IoT, Brick by Brick: Making CRE Buildings Smarter

Wireless technology is the backbone of IoT. Here’s what to look for in a future-ready network, and how to budget for it. Science fiction has teased us for decades with the idea that someday our buildings would be able to adapt to our every whim, allowing us to control lighting with a wave of the hand, gain access with a fingerprint or retina scan, or employ robots to clean floors or deliver mail. Now, the IoT (Internet of Things) is poised to help deliver on those promises.

The Future of IoT

When you first heard the term “Internet of Things,” what were you picturing in your mind? What was your interpretation of what the IoT (Internet of Things) meant? For many, it was consumer-based, thinking of fitness trackers, smart thermostats, and connected doors that “tell you” when they are opened. For others, it meant scenarios in the commercial world such as sensors on jet engines that communicate the state of the engine for analysis or commercial fleets that could be tracked and managed with a high level of insight as to where the vehicles are and their current operating conditions. It may have meant “smart grids” that conveyed the status of electricity distribution to provide more efficient operation. One thing seemed clear, this was all very futuristic, and certainly very cool. 

Industrial IoT Commercial Vehicles Market Racing Past Connected Cars

There is no other IoT (Internet of Things) sector that is covered with such adoration and frequency as the connected car. With a potential market of more than $250 billion, it’s rightfully so. Connected cars are sexy and appealing to a wide range of people so they grab all the headlines while the less attractive, connected commercial vehicle market chugs along quietly in the shadows building up a market value that will exceed $300 billion.

Now they’re talkin


Confronting the Global Food Crisis

There are around 7.4 billion humans on planet Earth right now, which may seem like a lot, until you consider how many more people will inhabit the same space in just a few decades.


Taking the IIoT Journey with Caterpillar

There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t hear about how technology is changing the way all of us interact with new devices that are connected to cars, thermostats, smart meters, and much more.


IoT: A Light for Developing Nations

Last week in this column, I examined IoT (Internet of Things) opportunities and hurdles in developing nations. There is no question one of the reoccurring hurdles is infrastructure. For this blog, I will be continuing the discussion by focusing on healthcare. More specifically, mHealth and telehealth solutions are uniquely capable of impacting developing nations and I will address what might be some of the solutions.

Cat Rocks the IoT with Cat Connect

In the digital age, the world is transforming at a rapid pace, especially with the deployment of the Industrial Internet of Things. That’s exactly why Caterpillar, www.cat.com, a manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives, is uniquely responding to its customers and to the industries they serve. Caterpillar is merging deep domain expertise with digital technologies to create a suite of solutions that help customers improve their business operations, creating actionable insight from data which helps to reduce costs and better manage risks.

Press Releases

Imagination’s new PowerVR GPUs enable chip companies and OEMs to create the best possible user experience in cost-sensitive devices

Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) announces a new generation of PowerVR GPUs that raises the bar on graphics and compute in cost-sensitive devices, letting SoC vendors achieve a significant boost in performance with no impact on silicon area versus previous generation GPUs.

FreeWave Technologies Introduces Its Most Advanced OEM Embedded Radio to Date

FreeWave Technologies, Inc., a leader in industrial, secure Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) wireless networking solutions, today announced the general availability of the ZumLink Z9-PC , the latest in the company’s line of 900 MHz radios designed for OEM and embedded applications.

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Amazon: The Stark Reality

Since 2011, when I began contributing to this magazine, I have keep an eye on Amazon, reporting on its patenting activity around logistics processes, its use of robotics and other automation in the ongoing improvement of its fulfillment centers, and the strategic positioning of these centers close to high-density population centers to support its quest for same-day deliveries. All of these endeavors have been undertaken to position Amazon as the premier ecommerce fulfillment merchant.

Segway Hacked With or Without Operator Aboard

For all of Segway's advanced mechanics and incredible feats of stabilization, this futuristic ride hasn't had the smoothest ride since its introduction. Originally launched at the end of 2001 under a veil of secrecy and hype, Segway slowly became more of a punchline over the ensuing years due to its inflated price and association with lazy and overweight riders including Mall Cop's Paul Blart.