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Government is often an early adopter of technology solutions and companies can look to the government as an example of how to use a particular type of technology to create a paradigm shift in many areas. As one example, Auterion Government Solutions is working with DIU (Defense Innovation Unit) to transform how combat forces leverage the abundance of information gained from drones within the operating environment. Known as collaborative autonomy, this capability allows drone operators to experience many benefits. Here is how this can help: Decrease cognitive load. Advance combat effectiveness. Realtime situational awareness. Looking to the future, we will continue to see the rise of drones, particularly as the rise of AI (artificial intelligence) comes alongside it. Robotics in general will help automate processes in all walks of life, helping to address many challenges that exist in both industry and government…

AI (artificial intelligence) is powering many industries. Case in point: infrastructure inspections. A combination of AI and drones can provide visual inspections for transmission and distribution power lines for regional utility customers. Consider the example of DRIFT ENTERPRISE Ltd., which is a full-service commercial drone company in the Cayman Islands with service extension to Jamaica and other Caribbean territories. The company recently began using AI technology from Buzz Solutions. Here is how this can help: Provide a more efficient and accurate way to detect and predict grid anomalies. Ensure the resilience of the energy grid. Minimize the amount of blackouts. Looking to the future, we can anticipate the global AI in drones market to reach $84 billion by 2030, with an annual growth rate of more than 28.5%, according to RationalStat. We will continue to see the rise of AI and drones, working together to provide greater capabilities to utilities, helping to keep the grid up and running for…

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