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IIoT: Roadblocks and Opportunities

The industrial IoT (Internet of Things) has many opportunities. But it also faces many roadblocks. The first roadblock that needs to be addressed is security. In a previous blog, I addressed a new security framework published by the IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium) that offers best practices to help players protect the industrial Internet.

Today’s Visual Representations of the IoT Ecosystem Are Like a Seurat Masterpiece

Wikipedia broadly defines the IoT (Internet of Things) as a “network of physical devices that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.” A physical device can be a sensor, a car, a building and any other “smart” object. Things that were once considered “dumb” can be made smart by embedding sensors in them. There are now billions of devices collecting and exchanging and receiving data to keep check on our lives, economy and planet. Every smart device is a point or node in a network.

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3 IoT Monetization Strategies for Savvy B2B

Consumer applications for the IoT (Internet of Things) may dominate the headlines. However, most industry experts agree that the lion’s share of IoT revenues will go to B2B (business-to-business). Many of them will be recurring in nature. And if you think you have to be an IBM to grab your piece of the pie, think again. Here are three IoT recurring monetization tactics available to B2Bs of all sizes and stripes serving a broad spectrum of industries.

IoT: Ingenious or Intrusive?

There is no doubt digital disruption and IoT (Internet of Things) is here and more is on the way. The Detroit Free Press just reported that “By 2022, more than 200 million vehicles around the world will be able to get over-the-air software updates, according to ABI Research, www.abiresearch.com, a company that studies technology trends.”

The Legal Industry Gets a Platform

These days, industries are being overhauled on a daily basis. It’s all about the “platform.” The platform, the platform, the platform. Uber, AirBnB, Lending Tree, Home Advisor, etc.—the list goes on and on. If you can think of an industry, it probably has a platform. One of the few industries to remain untouched by this wildly popular innovation is the legal industry—until now. Enter Legal Services Link, a member of the 1871 Tech Incubator in Chicago.