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Peggy Smedley is an internationally known speaker and highly respected personality in the media world educating businesses and consumers on the latest technological advances shaping everyday lives. An outspoken advocate and supporter of connected devices and M2M technology, Peggy is the quick-witted host of The Peggy Smedley Show, the editorial director of Connected World magazine and its sister publication Constructech, as well as the president of Specialty Publishing Co.

AI Bias Will Explode

We have been saying a lot about AI (artificial intelligence) these days. It’s no wonder that Google’s latest smartphone announcement, the Pixel 4, with AI-enhanced recording and transcribing app received so much attention.

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AI Insights in Automotive

The race is on. Literally! In the world of AI (artificial intelligence) there are a lot of exciting companies making their mark in a pretty impressive way in the automotive industry.

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Don Korfhage: Results-Driven Communication

Manufacturers need to get started on the transformation of communication if they want to experience exponential growth in the very near future.

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Olivier Bloch: IoT Plug and Play

With IoT Plug and Play, developers can connect IoT devices to the cloud, without having to write a single line of embedded code.

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The Future of AI

Artificial intelligence technologies, or otherwise more commonly known these days as AI, are empowering professionals to better make sense of the vast amounts of digital data that are being collected by modern information systems.

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Meeting Customer Expectations with AI

It’s truly a connected society and our customer expectations are rapidly changing. And as such, technologies are emerging and are raising our expectations and the bar for what customers are demanding by the day, and in many cases, by the hour.

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AI on the Future of Work

As technology changes, so does the future of work and the future of workers. Therefore, it’s time to be forward thinking about the future of work and future workers and how industries will change as a result of AI (artificial intelligence) technologies, robotics, and even the future of healthcare.

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