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Peggy Smedley is an internationally known speaker and highly respected personality in the media world educating businesses and consumers on the latest technological advances shaping everyday lives. An outspoken advocate and supporter of connected devices and M2M technology, Peggy is the quick-witted host of The Peggy Smedley Show, the editorial director of Connected World magazine and its sister publication Constructech, as well as the president of Specialty Publishing Co.

Crowdsource Transportation

Many of you might remember when crowdsourcing was all the range back in the early 2010s. While the concept of gaining information by enlisting help of people picked up steam as technology advanced, the history of crowdsourcing dates back in the early 1700s, when the British government offered a prize for developing a reliable way to compute longitude. The bottomline: the power lies in the crowd and we now have the tools to tap into it.

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Top Food Waste Innovations

Urban and rural food growers need to put a greater emphasis on the value of their food production and consider better sustainability methods. At the same time, those in the technology world also need to consider how we can innovate to solve a global problem together—food waste. The good news is change is coming—and in some cases it is already here.

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2021: A Better Normal

I recently saw a headline that caught my attention: Nearly four-in-ten Americans say they’ll be in survival mode in 2021. To that I would like to say, we need to turn our perspective toward a better normal and not just survival mode.

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Sustainability, AI, and the Generations

Walid Ali, artificial intelligence in manufacturing, Microsoft, joins Peggy to talk about sustainability and its importance now and into the future. They discuss how AI (artificial intelligence) is changing in business and what makes it so essential now and how AI technology can help us achieve greater sustainability along with the adoption rate to enable sustainability initiatives. He provides advice to organizations looking to achieve greater sustainability, how different generations help achieve these goals, and adds insight into what we all can do to come together to bring greater sustainability to fruition and reskilling, retooling, and retraining of employees. 

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How the Generations Shape Sustainability

In our workforce today, we have as many as five generations to consider for the first time in history (although there are varying schools of thought on the matter)—all with differing views about the world. But interestingly, and perhaps more importantly, they have some overarching values that cross generations.

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Security: Who Is Responsible?

If you know me, then you know my stance on security already, but there are some new studies with statistics that are downright scary and we need to carefully consider what we are teaching our workforce.

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Tech and Education Ethics

Technology companies have a new ethical responsibility on their hands: training and retaining the next generation of great innovators, especially if we want big things to happen in tech development in the future.

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Factories of Tomorrow

Neal Meldrum, Global Business Strategy Manager in the Manufacturing and Resources group at Microsoft, joins Peggy to talk about the need for a strong supply chain for smart manufacturers. They dive into how creating a powerful ecosystem helps manufacturers generate double the revenue growth, digital maturity, and new product and service delivery. Meldrum dives deeper into the risks of the supply chain, including those brought on by the pandemic, and what to think about over the next year.  He also highlights strategies to mitigate risks and technology, such as IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and digital twin. And lastly, he addresses resiliency and sustainability in the company’s initiatives.

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Talking Standards in Commercial Connectivity

Back in December 2019, the Zigbee Alliance set out to create a unifying standard for the smart-home industry. Project Connected Home over IP is a Working Group within the Zigbee Alliance, which develops and promotes the adoption of a new connectivity standard to increase compatibility among smart-home products. Now, it is announcing a team dedicated to the development and promotion of the standard for commercial markets—and it couldn’t come a moment too soon.

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Taking the Distance Out of Learning

“Distance learning” has become the new reality for many students in the U.S. and around the globe, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While many might be concerned about the new format, there are truly some long-lasting opportunities for our children in this.

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Making the Move to Industry 4.0

Even before the pandemic hit, manufacturers were facing big changes—ecosystems, business models, customer expectations—everything was changing. Add in a labor shortage and the advent of new technologies and the pace of change was picking up. Modern manufacturers need a digital supply chain where they can see actual product condition information flow in realtime.

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The Future of Computing Is Exascale

Daniel Ernst, distinguished technologist, high-performance computing & AI, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, joins Peggy to talk about HPC and exascale computing. He explains why Exascale Day, is celebrated on October 18, and the meaning behind the date. Daniel shares the details behind exascale computing, how researchers leverage it, the challenges it can help solve, and where it is currently being used. He also explains the relevance of having three HPE Cray Exascale Supercomputers coming online between 2021 and 2023 and what the future hold beyond that.

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Mobile Elections: Next-Gen Voting

With election day fast approaching here in the United States, I wanted to dig into how voting is making the move to digital. For months, I have been saying COVID-19 has sped up digital transformation in many industries. The election is no exception.

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Tangible Solutions to Curb Distracted Driving

Drivers are more likely to wear a mask than drive without using a cellphone. This isn’t a political blog—and I am going to stay away from the political side of this discussion—but I am still shocked that roughly 76% of people said they are very willing to wear a mask in public while only 62% of people are very willing to obey a state law preventing cellphone use.

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