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Peggy Smedley is an internationally known speaker and highly respected personality in the media world educating businesses and consumers on the latest technological advances shaping everyday lives. An outspoken advocate and supporter of connected devices and M2M technology, Peggy is the quick-witted host of The Peggy Smedley Show, the editorial director of Connected World magazine and its sister publication Constructech, as well as the president of Specialty Publishing Co.

The Making of the Global Datasphere

I really think the internet of everything or as we all call the IoT (Internet of Things), continues to surround us by smart devices and smart systems that are constantly sensing, monitoring, listening, and watching everything we do.

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Reigning in S3 Security Amid Magecart Campaign

If you’re up on the latest in cybersecurity, you’ve heard of Magecart, a sort of cybercrime “group of groups” that digitally skims credit card data from compromised ecommerce sites. Widely publicized breaches from companies like British Airways, Newegg, and Ticketmaster are considered to be the work of Magecart, which remains at large, although security researchers are working hard to learn more about the cybercriminals. For instance, RiskIQ, an attack surface management solution provider, published a joint Magecart-focused report at the end of last year that profiled the groups (there are at least seven of them, according to RiskIQ), as well as their common tactics and their typical targets.

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The Growing Demand for Data Centers

What are data centers and how are they impacting the IoT (Internet of Things)? Data centers are like a backbone, supporting the internet and, by extension, the IoT. Typically, a data center serves a as a facility that stores IT infrastructure and all the systems required to keep this infrastructure up and running.

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Reimagining Transportation with AVs

Transportation won’t look the same in the future as it does today. Autonomous vehicle technology will change the nature of car ownership, possibly decreasing the number of private autonomous vehicles on the roads and increasing the number of shared autonomous vehicles and on-demand vehicle-sharing services available in the marketplace. Public transportation will also feel the affects of AV (autonomous vehicle) innovation as buses, trams, and trains become increasingly equipped with self-driving technology and as more pilot projects prove the plausibility and benefits of these solutions.

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Richard Forno: Cybersecurity: Are We Screwed?

Peggy and Richard Forno, senior lecturer at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMBC) Dept. of computer science and electrical engineering, discuss the reality of cybersecurity. He explains how and why data breaches are happening all the time, so much so that as a society we just might be becoming immune. This raises a much bigger question as to whether we need to plan for “what if’ things like if the cloud goes down.

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Trustworthiness in IIoT

In life and in business, one of the traits humans seek out in other humans, businesses, and entities is trustworthiness. We want to be able to trust acquaintances, friends, family members, and even strangers just like we want to be able to trust the businesses and entities we interact with on a daily basis. Trustworthiness in technology is just as important, and a new white paper from the IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium) is raising awareness about just how crucial trustworthiness, context, and assurance are to the growing IIoT (industrial Internet of Things) ecosystem.

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Microsoft IoT Survey Says…

This week I had the opportunity to review the latest research report from Microsoft, called “IoT Signals.” As part of the study, I had a chance to interview, Jaishree Subramania, senior director, Azure IoT, Microsoft, on The Peggy Smedley Show. First, let me say I was impressed—not only with the research report that says 30% of an organizations’ revenue will be the result of the Internet of Things in just two years—but how companies will be taking some big steps to finally embrace the IoT (Internet of Things).

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Harnessing Data for Social Impact

Big data projects can be, well, big. In fact, sometimes, they can be too big and too complex for one organization to manage by itself. In 2015, the NSF (Natl. Science Foundation)’s Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering initiated the National Network of Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs and established four Big Data Hubs in each one of the four U.S. Census Regions—Midwest, Northeast, South, and West—to harness data for the good of society by addressing regional challenges, spurring economic development, and accelerating big data innovation.

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Trusting Zero Trust Cybersecurity?

What is Zero Trust cybersecurity? I mean “Zero Trust.” A Zero Trust network or Zero Trust architecture is a concept based on the idea that organizations shouldn’t trust a device, just because it’s inside the enterprise’s network perimeter.

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5G Brings Innovation to Manufacturing

5G offers numerous opportunities to industries, such as manufacturing, giving the ability to do predictive maintenance, remote machine monitoring, autonomous robots, mixed reality training, and spatial computing, among much more. In order to accelerate the use of 5G in manufacturing, two companies recently announced a new partnership.

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Ransomware Ain’t Getting Better

For this column, I want to take this time to review the latest incident report that’s come out analyzing last year’s cybercrime. In addition, I want to examine cloud threats and what businesses can do to be prepared.

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The Future of AI and Cybersecurity

Have you ever wondered how AI (artificial intelligence) is both a friend and a foe in the IoT (Internet of Things) industry’s cybersecurity efforts? This column is going to address some of the challenges companies face when implementing AI and machine learning projects in the enterprise.

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Telecoms Trends from ITW

Last week, more than 7,000 people from more than 2,000 companies attended ITW (Intl. Telecoms Week) in Atlanta, Ga. Each year, the event brings stakeholders in the global wholesale telecoms industry together to network and discuss industry trends, like digital transformation, cybersecurity, blockchain, AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning, automation, and 5G. Do trends in telecom impact the trajectory in the IoT (Internet of Things)? Absolutely. Here are some news items from the show.

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Technology Days by the Numbers

The construction, engineering, architectural, and building industry is at a crossroads. The continued economic expansion in the U.S. is beginning to see somewhat of a little slowdown that could just have some significant consequences. The period of growth that began in March 2009, some nine years ago, is beginning to show some real signs of a recession despite what those reading this blog might wish to prepare for today’s economic climate.

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You Can’t Fix Stupid Drivers

In the state of Illinois drivers are experiencing a lot of changes this holiday driving week. First at the gas pump, they are seeing a permanent spike in gasoline taxes to .38 cents a gallon. The new increase is expected to be applied to fixing roads, bridges, highways, and other infrastructure. Some Illinoisans appear to be a bit skeptical whether infrastructure will be improved. (Remember the Illinois Lottery and where that money was to be applied?; that’s a discussion for another day.)

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