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Peggy Smedley is an internationally known speaker and highly respected personality in the media world educating businesses and consumers on the latest technological advances shaping everyday lives. An outspoken advocate and supporter of connected devices and M2M technology, Peggy is the quick-witted host of The Peggy Smedley Show, the editorial director of Connected World magazine and its sister publication Constructech, as well as the president of Specialty Publishing Co.

The Race for 5G and the Controversy behind It

There is certainly a lot of talk about 5G. How will 5G make life better? How will it make a difference in the workplace? How will it open doors for enterprise applications? How will 5G boost the IoT (Internet of Things)? While there is a certain amount of divided thinking about when and to what extent 5G will make its impact in different sectors, for the most part, the discussion is imbibed with excitement about the possibilities.

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The Future of Cities Is Smart

I am always so inspired when I read about the latest smart cities initiatives. From Charlotte, N.C., to Philadelphia, Pa., to Aurora, Ill., it seems nearly every city has a story of how it is trying to better itself, all with the help of the IoT (Internet of Things).

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Chris Pearson: The Future Is 5G

Peggy and Chris Pearson, president, 5G Americas, dig into the topic of 5G—and how it is going to impact the IoT (Internet of Things). They discuss the three big use cases for 5G, how it is going to be transformative for society, and that it is a national priority for many countries across the globe. As a self-proclaimed traditionalist, Pearson also shares what he believes is coming after 5G.

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Are Manufacturers Ready for 5G?

The importance of 5G is going to be profound. And it’s going to be important to the future of the Internet of Things and more specifically within the context of the workplace. The real question then is how might 5G affect workplaces? Even more importantly, how will 5G impact manufacturing?

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Enterprise Security Takes Many Forms

Security breaches—both physical security breaches and cybersecurity breaches—are too common in today’s world, and it seems not a day of news goes by without featuring some horrible act of physical violence or digital malice. Businesses must protect themselves against all kinds of threats to ensure the safety of their employees, their customers, their assets, and their data. The first step in protecting one’s self and business is to understand the threats as much as possible, while also acknowledging that these threats are evolving continuously.

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Bentley Digs the Digital Twin

Sometimes listening to an update call is more than a revenue report update on the recent acquisitions and technology advancements being announced by a company; it’s really about the vision of the leader at the helm. And that was my takeaway after the May 13, Bentley Systems Spring Update conference call for press and analysts. If you listened to Greg Bentley, CEO, Bentley Systems, closely enough you were able to read between the lines and grasp how it plans to move the construction industry forward with a highly informed construction professional using only the best in tech tools to drive infrastructure.

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Data Is a Friend in the Fight against Distracted Driving

Are phone addicts the new drunk drivers? A new study says yes, they are. For many in today’s always-on society, connectivity is imperative—for work, for social networking, for keeping up on current events, and for entertainment. Unfortunately, while this very connectivity can lead to greater productivity and collaboration, it can also have negative consequences, ranging from social isolation and physical inactivity to offering too much distraction in the midst of other tasks, such as driving. As more people are expected to flood city centers as part of urbanization, could this problem get even worse before it gets better?

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Will Urban Mobility Alter AVs?

There is no doubt that trends such as urbanization and the adoption of smart technologies are going to change transportation. There are a lot of questions about how urban mobility will change and impact autonomous vehicles. In fact, there is a lot of debate, which is why in this column I will spend time digging into this topic even more.

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Better Tech, Less Distraction in Cockpits

Technology can improve safety. It can deliver just-in-time data for first responders, it can remotely monitor assets in dangerous places so humans don’t have to, and one day, AV (autonomous vehicle) technology will drive vehicles, mitigating dangers associated with human driver error. However, technology can also detract from safety. Too much technology in front of someone operating a machine of any type can distract from the task at hand—even if it’s very purpose is to help.

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Smart Cities Get a Push

When you think of cities of the future, what comes to mind? Are we talking about AVs (autonomous vehicles) and transportation? Sometimes we are talking about the future of supply chains and logistics. And other times we are looking at urbanization and how cities are going to adapt.

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Avoiding Disruptions in Digital Transformations

ERP (enterprise resource planning) software offers an integrated approach to business processes ranging from sales to accounting, CRM (customer-relationship management), and beyond. By implementing an ERP solution, businesses can boost efficiency and productivity by streamlining processes; they may also cut costs. Many enterprises are employing ERP and other solutions as part of their digital transformations and increasing focus on the IoT (Internet of Things).

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Traffic Safety in the Era of AVs

The future is filled with unknowns: How will the IoT (Internet of Things) change industries? How will the workforce adapt to more tasks being automated? How will urbanization affect smart cities? How will AVs (autonomous vehicles) impact road safety? The GHSA (Governors Highway Safety Assn.) is tackling this last question through a multi-pronged effort that includes published research, forming an expert panel, and developing a whitepaper and presentation to educate and inform traffic safety stakeholders.

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Is Urbanization Taking Away from Work and Play?

Let’s be clear about the IoT (Internet of Things): The only constant is constant change and if you blink, you’ll probably miss something. The IoT has created so much opportunity to speed processes up. What’s more, there’s constant data at our fingertips, and people and machines are making rapid decisions based on this realtime data. And as the era of 5G dawns, everything’s about to get even faster.

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How Cities and Transportation Collide

Many people are just starting to realize some of the challenges facing cities and states as they grapple with ways to solve their various transportation problems. It is without a doubt—one that everyone who lives in a city or commutes to one ought to be interested in. Slightly more than half of all people live in cities today, but that is rapidly changing.

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Picking and Protecting Passwords

World Password Day is coming up on May 2, and this will provide the perfect excuse for media outlets—Connected World among them—to talk about authentication and device security. The same password best practices are often regurgitated over and over again when this subject arises, in part because people still aren’t following the most basic of these suggestions, like not using “password” as a password. For this reason, the industry still needs to push best practices out to the public. But are the traditional best practices good advice, really? What about the advice to change passwords frequently? What about conflicting counsel about using random passwords versus using a string of pronounceable words?

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