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Telit and Berkeley Varitronics Systems Take the Guesswork out of M2M Device Installation

“With Telit’s reliable M2M modules, the Squid-PRO effectively takes the guesswork out of M2M installations, ensuring the long-term functionality and success of customers’ M2M solutions,” said Scott Schober, President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems. “Many of our customers use Telit modules for their remote monitoring applications and can now take advantage of the Squid-PRO to simplify the deployment process.”

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June: 5G in the Workplace

The workplace of tomorrow will look vastly different from the workplace of today. For instance, in the future, workplaces won’t be defined by a physical location. The latest generation of cellular mobile communications, 5G, will help us get there. 5G’s defining characteristics, like high-data rates and low latencies, will unlock new applications for the workplace that were simply not possible in the past.

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ATM Skimmers…State of the Art of the Hack

Ever since ATM machines first appeared back in 1969, thieves have been eagerly lining up to hack them and their users. Today’s ATMs include integrated video cameras, thick steel walls, and silent alarms for security but some also contain the latest in state-of-the-art hacking technology, adding up to more than $2 billion in ATM skimming fraud every year.

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Segway Hacked With or Without Operator Aboard

For all of Segway's advanced mechanics and incredible feats of stabilization, this futuristic ride hasn't had the smoothest ride since its introduction. Originally launched at the end of 2001 under a veil of secrecy and hype, Segway slowly became more of a punchline over the ensuing years due to its inflated price and association with lazy and overweight riders including Mall Cop's Paul Blart.

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When Digital Deletion Is Not Enough

Big Data is part of our lives and we create a lot of it. If fact, users globally generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day. Traditional hard drives (HDD) use spinning platters with mechanical moving parts and nonvolatile storage that retain your data even after the power is shut off. Solid-state drives (SSD) utilize integrated circuits, which can store large amounts of data that can be accessed very quickly. In this case, interconnected flash memory chips also retain the data after the power is shut off. Regardless of your storage medium of choice, you need to realize that your hard drive will always contains documents, emails, banking statements, and loads of personal information directly tied to you.

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Are Chip and PIN Cards Any Safer?

By now, nearly every credit card holder in the U.S. has received the new Chip and PIN credit card to replace their old mag stripe card. We’ve used magnetic stripe for decades at retail locations, gas stations, and our favorite restaurants so this is a welcome security change, right? Not so fast.

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