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AI Brings Intelligence to Buildings

From manufacturing to construction, and everything in between, predictive maintenance and AI (artificial intelligence) are already in use in many industries—and now one new report suggests there will be much stronger adoption in intelligent buildings in the months ahead as well.

In January, CABA, an international not-for-profit industry association dedicated to the advancement of connected home and intelligent building technologies, announced the close of its research on AI and Predictive Maintenance in Intelligent Buildings.

Using a combination of stakeholder surveys, expert interviews, and detailed market analysis, the aim of the research is to understand how use cases, customer environments, buying behaviors, and ecosystem interactions all impact and influence the development of these technologies.

At its core, predictive maintenance leverages data from control and automation systems, distributed sensor networks, and external business intelligence to—for lack of a better word—predict the next system event. Today, there is a growing demand for greater visibility and control around system and machine health.

The research found there is stronger adoption of predictive maintenance coming too. While there are a number of factors driving this movement, one of the most prominent is the promised return on investment stemming from the reduction in operating expenses, capital expenses, and unplanned downtime.

All in all, this technology provides massive opportunities for companies across the value chain—however, there is a catch. CABA’s research suggests critical hurdles still need to be overcome and there needs to be growing collaboration among different hardware, software, and service providers. The report gives recommendations and strategic pathways for each of the key stakeholder segments—OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), software providers, service providers, and building owners and property managers—on how they can best position themselves in this evolving landscape.

The use of AI and predictive maintenance in our buildings offers huge opportunities—and everyone involved should consider how this will evolve rapidly in the months ahead.

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