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Application Integration

There is a difference between integrated and connected. In software applications, integration creates a single solution to multiple problems by combining, not just connecting, elements to work together seamlessly. In an ideal situation, one platform provides the basis, the underlying foundation, for many applications to integrate.

As platforms and applications become popular for solving challenging situations, companies seek ways to integrate their applications with the platform and other applications on that platform. As an example, DCW (Digital Construction Works), a construction application and technology services, integrations, and solutions company, launched a Microsoft Certified Power BI Connector for its “integrations platform as a service” solution.

DCW helps owner-operators, engineering and design firms, and construction companies accelerate the adoption and use of digital workflows, incorporate digital twins of assets, implement best-practices, and incorporate fit-for-purpose solutions to improve construction planning, design-build, operations, and project outcomes. 

The new connector enables customers with applications integrated within the DCW Integrations Platform to use the Platform’s Insights feature and the Power BI Connector to build robust construction project reporting quickly, query all of their project data, and custom-build impressive visuals, reports, and dashboards, without having to worry about building a data warehouse.

Reports can be refreshed automatically, either online on a schedule or by using DCW’s workflow engine to do it on-demand as data changes, keeping construction and project scheduling dashboards up to date. Reports can be embedded using the Power BI embedded solution. Reports are hosted for various stakeholder roles within the Platform.

According to DCW, once application data is integrated via the Platform, you can use the Microsoft Power BI Connector to easily build and configure custom charts, graphs, and dashboards of that data. This enhances the Insights feature within the DCW Integrations Platform and takes insights of your system data to a whole new level.

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