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Masterworks 2021



AI Digs into Project Health

Today’s capital project owners and contractors are more readily embracing cloud and mobile solutions, as enterprise cloud platforms have become critical for capital planning, building, and operations. Enter Aurigo Software’s Masterworks 2021, which provides insights, while leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) technology. With this technology, users are able to analyze their data and make better decisions. The platform integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud to give owners a single end-to-end technology platform. In addition to enhanced security options delivering industry authentication mechanisms, the latest release of the software also has a new interface and navigation, mobile-friendly applications, and Zoom video conferencing integrated. Add to this sentiment analysis of all project report comments, issues, and risks, leveraging AI and NLP (natural language processing) technology, and this product truly helps project stakeholders dig into data on the project health.

“Digitizing and automating the entire construction life cycle with a cloud-based software is a must for today’s capital project owners and contractors. Aurigo Software’s Masterworks 2021 answers this need.”

Peggy Smedley


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