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Austin Lane Technologies
421 E. Hickory St., Ste 201
Denton, Texas 76201




Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Designed for general contractors and specialty contractors, ALMobile from Austin Lane Technologies is an enterprise SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution with robust time tracking and realtime productivity tracking capabilities. With core modules such as biometric attendance with job costing, work orders, equipment, signatures, user definable fields, daily diary, subcontract labor, and an activity log, the technology eliminates rework related to project execution and payroll. Users will experience a complete bi-directional integration with leading construction ERP (enterprise-resource planning) applications. In the past year, the company has made two big enhancements for customers. First, it has enhanced ALMobile with a new mobile user experience that allows even more intuitive use for the field, while bringing greater visibility to important insights. Second, it has a new API (application programming interface), which allows clients to leverage their data in new and secure ways. All in all, the product offers visualization and analytical reporting, allowing users to access their data and generate additional insights.

“These days, being mobile isn’t a nice-to-have, it is a must-have. Austin Lane Technologies’ ALMobile puts the right data into the hands of workers.”

Peggy Smedley
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