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BIM and Geography

BIM (building information modeling) provides a lot of information for construction and maintenance of structures. Computer aided design or CAD has been a major tool in “loading” a BIM project’s database. Now, other tools are being integrated with BIM for increased digital transformation of the industry.

As new projects are started under the recent infrastructure bills, U.S. construction companies will find themselves pressed for increased efficiency by government agencies and private contractors alike. By adopting BIM and GIS (geographic information system) technology, the architecture, engineering, and construction industry can improve building design, construction, and operations efficiency. Recognizing the benefits for project outcomes that a combined BIM and GIS software would present, Esri, a firm committed to location intelligence, joined forces with Autodesk in 2017 to produce new technology, integrating the power of mapping into the BIM process.

As a result, Esri is releasing a new product that expands the ability for BIM project teams to benefit from GIS: ArcGIS GeoBIM. The program provides an innovative, easy-to-use web-based experience for AEC teams to explore and collaborate using data from multiple systems in a geospatial context. ArcGIS GeoBIM connects to Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, a cloud-based design collaboration, coordination, and model coauthoring software built on the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

ArcGIS GeoBIM will provide project leaders and stakeholders in industries like infrastructure, construction, planning, water, and transportation with a common view of asset locations, costs, issues, risks, and timelines throughout the project life cycle. AEC team members can track design, coordination, quality, safety, and commissioning issues by linking data from Autodesk BIM Collaborate with ArcGIS GeoBIM.

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