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Systemic Change: What’s Next for Women

Another 275,000 women left the labor force in January in the United States. These are women who were working and now are no longer doing so and are no longer even looking for employment. Gone. The total number of women who have left the labor force since the start of the pandemic reached more than 2.3 million last month alone. This puts the women’s labor force participation rate at an abysmal 57%, which the National Women’s Law Center says had not been this low since 1988. We are moving backwards—literally. How truly disappointing is this for us when we think about all the progress we have made—globally, that is!

By |2/24/2021|

Systemic Change and the Digital Divide

It is time to close the digital divide. A confluence of factors has led to this moment in history—yes, the pandemic, but also a number of other societal impacts and advancing technologies. We are at the precipice of a shift—one where we can come together to redefine our world.

By |2/17/2021|

5G: What’s Next

In my last blog, I explained how in the next three years, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 are expected to more than double in importance, becoming the most critical wireless technologies for businesses. I started by narrowing in on Wi-Fi 6, but now let’s turn our attention to 5G.

By |2/10/2021|

2021: Connectivity Disruptors

From 5G to Wi-Fi 6, connectivity is offering industries new opportunities to communicate, changing the way we receive information. The opportunities are really endless, as I like to say. Can this help us end poverty, inequality, water shortages, hunger, you name it? Let’s take a closer look at what is happening in the wide world of connectivity—the disruptors in this space—to reveal what is going to come in the next century.

By |2/1/2021|

Crowdsource Transportation

Many of you might remember when crowdsourcing was all the range back in the early 2010s. While the concept of gaining information by enlisting help of people picked up steam as technology advanced, the history of crowdsourcing dates back in the early 1700s, when the British government offered a prize for developing a reliable way to compute longitude. The bottomline: the power lies in the crowd and we now have the tools to tap into it.

By |1/19/2021|

Top Food Waste Innovations

Urban and rural food growers need to put a greater emphasis on the value of their food production and consider better sustainability methods. At the same time, those in the technology world also need to consider how we can innovate to solve a global problem together—food waste. The good news is change is coming—and in some cases it is already here.

By |1/13/2021|

2021: A Better Normal

I recently saw a headline that caught my attention: Nearly four-in-ten Americans say they’ll be in survival mode in 2021. To that I would like to say, we need to turn our perspective toward a better normal and not just survival mode.

By |1/6/2021|

How the Generations Shape Sustainability

In our workforce today, we have as many as five generations to consider for the first time in history (although there are varying schools of thought on the matter)—all with differing views about the world. But interestingly, and perhaps more importantly, they have some overarching values that cross generations.

By |1/1/2021|

Security: Who Is Responsible?

If you know me, then you know my stance on security already, but there are some new studies with statistics that are downright scary and we need to carefully consider what we are teaching our workforce.

By |12/16/2020|
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