The Making of the Global Datasphere

I really think the internet of everything or as we all call the IoT (Internet of Things), continues to surround us by smart devices and smart systems that are constantly sensing, monitoring, listening, and watching everything we do.

By |8/14/2019|

The Growing Demand for Data Centers

What are data centers and how are they impacting the IoT (Internet of Things)? Data centers are like a backbone, supporting the internet and, by extension, the IoT. Typically, a data center serves a as a facility that stores IT infrastructure and all the systems required to keep this infrastructure up and running.

By |8/7/2019|

Microsoft IoT Survey Says…

This week I had the opportunity to review the latest research report from Microsoft, called “IoT Signals.” As part of the study, I had a chance to interview, Jaishree Subramania, senior director, Azure IoT, Microsoft, on The Peggy Smedley Show. First, let me say I was impressed—not only with the research report that says 30% of an organizations’ revenue will be the result of the Internet of Things in just two years—but how companies will be taking some big steps to finally embrace the IoT (Internet of Things).

By |8/1/2019|

Trusting Zero Trust Cybersecurity?

What is Zero Trust cybersecurity? I mean “Zero Trust.” A Zero Trust network or Zero Trust architecture is a concept based on the idea that organizations shouldn’t trust a device, just because it’s inside the enterprise’s network perimeter.

By |7/23/2019|

Ransomware Ain’t Getting Better

For this column, I want to take this time to review the latest incident report that’s come out analyzing last year’s cybercrime. In addition, I want to examine cloud threats and what businesses can do to be prepared.

By |7/17/2019|

The Future of AI and Cybersecurity

Have you ever wondered how AI (artificial intelligence) is both a friend and a foe in the IoT (Internet of Things) industry’s cybersecurity efforts? This column is going to address some of the challenges companies face when implementing AI and machine learning projects in the enterprise.

By |7/10/2019|

Technology Days by the Numbers

The construction, engineering, architectural, and building industry is at a crossroads. The continued economic expansion in the U.S. is beginning to see somewhat of a little slowdown that could just have some significant consequences. The period of growth that began in March 2009, some nine years ago, is beginning to show some real signs of a recession despite what those reading this blog might wish to prepare for today’s economic climate.

By |7/8/2019|

You Can’t Fix Stupid Drivers

In the state of Illinois drivers are experiencing a lot of changes this holiday driving week. First at the gas pump, they are seeing a permanent spike in gasoline taxes to .38 cents a gallon. The new increase is expected to be applied to fixing roads, bridges, highways, and other infrastructure. Some Illinoisans appear to be a bit skeptical whether infrastructure will be improved. (Remember the Illinois Lottery and where that money was to be applied?; that’s a discussion for another day.)

By |7/1/2019|

IoT, AR, VR to beyond with 5G

For this column let’s consider how IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and 5G will impact medicine and healthcare. Just for a moment I think it’s really important to imagine what our society will look like when we imagine real possibilities for technology beyond what we ever dreamed possible.

By |6/26/2019|

An Enterprise Case for AR/VR

I can’t say enough about 5G. In fact, my comments on 5G are stirring people to ask me questions about it on social media, and that’s great. That means people are reading, people are doing their homework, and people are making the investments in the future of digital transformation.

By |6/19/2019|