Machines Have Something to Say

Let’s talk smart factories. We all know the first Industrial Revolution in the late 18th and early 19th centuries marked a major turning point in the world’s history. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, we relied on manual labor to manufacture things. But that changed with the invention of machine-driven production.

By | 2/22/2017|

IoT Shines Light on Telematics

Global commercial telematics is really fascinating. And for those of you paying close attention then you know that the ELD or “electronic logging device” mandate here in the United States is set and the clocking is ticking.

By | 2/15/2017|

Chao Drives the Future

We have all seen a lot of upheaval in the government in the past month, to say the least. In this column however, I would like to take a different approach and perhaps look to the future with perhaps a glimmer of optimism and talk about what the future might be with the new Secretary of Transportation at the helm.

By | 2/8/2017|

Drone Accessibility for Enterprise

Autonomous drones are really not what most people think. In fact, if you were at CES this year, you most certainly noticed how significant of a presence drones had at this annual event. There was a drone marketplace, a drone rodeo, and attendees couldn’t stop talking about them.

By | 2/1/2017|

Construction Sets the IoT Standard

There is a growing need for standards and data interoperability in the construction space. While at Connected World we focus on many verticals, I personally have had my ear to the ground of the construction industry for past two decades since I serve as the editorial director of its sister publication Constructech magazine, And during that time, I have personally witnessed tremendous change.

By | 1/25/2017|

The Real Data behind Your Wearables

Wearables have been on everyone’s radar for quite a while now. And I have to confess, wearables continue to be a particularly fascinating trend for me.

By | 1/19/2017|

Monetizing Strategies for Smart Cities

Is your city smart? There seems to be many ways to determine if a city is smart. However, as I see it, a smart city is truly compelling when citizens experience a sharp reduction in crime rates, a decline in energy consumption, a decrease in traffic congestion, and an overall improvement in water usage. In addition, the smartest cities understand how to tap into more ways to take advantage of eco-friendly building materials and leverage innovations all tied to data that perhaps ultimately generate revenue for local governments. With that being said, we’ve been talking about smart cities for years and I have yet to see us reach the pinnacle where smarter cities are “selling themselves.”

By | 1/12/2017|

Predicting IoT’s Future from CES

Happy New Year! It’s another year, and of course, that means it’s CES week. For all of us attending we will be seeing and talking about the hundreds, if not thousands, of new tech innovations on display. Thousands of people are strolling the aisles of CES. For those of you not in attendance it’s just a sight to behold as individuals are bursting with enthusiasm to view all the new gadgets, gizmos, and solutions that will change the way we all work and play. But the real question is which innovations will stick for 2017? What are the solutions that will change the way we conduct business forever?

By | 1/4/2017|

The Autonomous Amazon Go

I can’t help but admire how Amazon is shaking things up in the IoT (Internet of Things). Let’s think about it for a moment. When we want to buy just about anything online, I would guess most likely many of us start with Amazon these days. And that’s because a behemoth like Amazon never rests on its laurels. Just look at the latest big news coming from the Seattle-based company, which proves my point of course, Amazon Go. Amazon Go is a unique brick-and-mortar store experience, which allows customers to walk into a store, pick up what they want to buy, and then simply walk out.

By | 12/14/2016|

NHTSA Sets Voluntary Guidelines

Ahh, the holidays. I absolutely love this time of year. In fact, you could say I go Christmas crazy. It’s the best time of year, but it’s also one of the most dangerous times of year to be behind the wheel. Depending on where you live, roads may be slick from rain or snow. People are driving to and from holiday parties in the evenings, sometimes after drinking. And, in general, people tend to be a bit distracted—there are gifts to buy and wrap, meals to plan and prepare, and relatives to entertain. All this leads to serious driver distraction and that is why the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Admin.) has introduced a new set of voluntary guidelines for portable electronic device manufacturers. The guidelines make suggestions for how manufacturers can help their customers make smart choices when it comes to device use behind the wheel.

By | 12/7/2016|