Vertical Makeovers with Tech

Automation is turning industries and sectors upside-down. It’s not the first-time technology is changing the workforce in a drastic way, and it won’t be the last time, either. In this column, we are continuing our overarching discussion about automation and reskilling by focusing on how automation is affecting the nature of work in sectors like hospitality and retail.

By |3/13/2019|

Automation Leads to Slowdown?

I will bet there isn’t a person on the planet that hasn’t heard digitization and automation will displace some workers and that it will also create many new jobs. Everyone has an opinion on this topic. For this column let’s change the narrative just a bit and look at it from a few different perspectives.

By |3/6/2019|

Road to 5G Ignites AVs, Buildings, Cities, and More

Rapid connectivity via AV (autonomous vehicles) and the immense data transfer of speeds that will be experienced by 5G—unlike anything we’ve seen before—will change our lifestyles and our businesses. We will see people eating, sleeping, playing Fortnite, and even having sex (although it’s still illegal) in their EVs (electric vehicles). The proliferation of 5G—otherwise known as the fifth generation—will enable us to visualize, entertain, and augment new experiences in the not-so distance future through entirely new form factors changing the way we see, hear, and communicate. In fact, a new GSMA report estimates there will be 1.4 billion global 5G connections by 2025 accounting for more than 15% of the mobile market.And it goes without saying that at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 5G was all the buzz.

By |2/28/2019|

Why Inner Source Brings Value to Open

Open source. Inner source. How do the two compare? Do we recognize both the risks and the rewards? Open-source software, if not vetted properly, may pose certain security threats. Some smaller open-source projects, for instance, potentially do not do thorough security vetting, leaving code open to vulnerabilities.

By |2/27/2019|

American AI Initiative Opens Up Data

There is no question the United States is on a mission to preserve its role as a global leader in AI (artificial intelligence) adoption and innovation. Perhaps even more noteworthy is what this latest initiative has in common with past data-related initiatives? If you watched the 2019 State of the Union address a couple of weeks ago, you heard President Trump say he’s eager to work with Congress to invest in “cutting edge industries of the future.”

By |2/20/2019|

Will Open Source Provide IoT Solutions?

What happens to all that great technology development in the IoT (Internet of Things) when an open-source project is abandoned? There is no question that today open source is one of the top tech trends driving the world markets.

By |2/13/2019|

600 IoT Shows and Going Strong

With the 600th episode, The Peggy Smedley Show has been an economic, cultural trends, and educational tech leader, partnering with a host of individuals, governments, and businesses to create positive results for more than a million listeners globally.

By |2/4/2019|

Digital Reality, IoT, and More

We’re living in a world in which our very realities are being enhanced all with the help of a little technology called the IoT (Internet of Things). AR (augmented reality) and of course, its VR (virtual reality) sidekick are quickly becoming relevant once again in more use cases than ever before.

By |2/1/2019|

Cyber Staffing Is Still Lacking in IoT

If connected devices are going to surpass 26 billion in 2019, many IoT (Internet of Things) thought leaders are questioning whether various bodies can come together to ensure the right cybersecurity systems are in place to achieve the necessary levels of security and privacy. Actually, when you think about all the “things” we are connecting to the internet today it’s a really great question. Perhaps even a better question is whether that number is going to explode even more looking farther out.

By |1/23/2019|

AI, ML, IoT, and Emerging Tech

Cognitive technologies like machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) certainly have proven to be an important part of the IoT (Internet of Things) sector because they can help make products and services smarter and, therefore, more valuable.

By |1/16/2019|