AI on the Future of Work

As technology changes, so does the future of work and the future of workers. Therefore, it’s time to be forward thinking about the future of work and future workers and how industries will change as a result of AI (artificial intelligence) technologies, robotics, and even the future of healthcare.

By |9/11/2019|

Future Worker Is Here

The worker of the future is here. We hear it every day about the importance of focusing on the needs of the next generation and how we need to mentor them.

By |9/3/2019|

AI Is Changing Your Work

AI (artificial intelligence): The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has released a plan for prioritizing federal agency engagement in the development of standards for AI, and this is worth spending some time talking about.

By |8/28/2019|

The Making of the Global Datasphere

I really think the internet of everything or as we all call the IoT (Internet of Things), continues to surround us by smart devices and smart systems that are constantly sensing, monitoring, listening, and watching everything we do.

By |8/14/2019|

The Growing Demand for Data Centers

What are data centers and how are they impacting the IoT (Internet of Things)? Data centers are like a backbone, supporting the internet and, by extension, the IoT. Typically, a data center serves a as a facility that stores IT infrastructure and all the systems required to keep this infrastructure up and running.

By |8/7/2019|

Microsoft IoT Survey Says…

This week I had the opportunity to review the latest research report from Microsoft, called “IoT Signals.” As part of the study, I had a chance to interview, Jaishree Subramania, senior director, Azure IoT, Microsoft, on The Peggy Smedley Show. First, let me say I was impressed—not only with the research report that says 30% of an organizations’ revenue will be the result of the Internet of Things in just two years—but how companies will be taking some big steps to finally embrace the IoT (Internet of Things).

By |8/1/2019|

Trusting Zero Trust Cybersecurity?

What is Zero Trust cybersecurity? I mean “Zero Trust.” A Zero Trust network or Zero Trust architecture is a concept based on the idea that organizations shouldn’t trust a device, just because it’s inside the enterprise’s network perimeter.

By |7/23/2019|

Ransomware Ain’t Getting Better

For this column, I want to take this time to review the latest incident report that’s come out analyzing last year’s cybercrime. In addition, I want to examine cloud threats and what businesses can do to be prepared.

By |7/17/2019|