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Computer Guidance Corp.
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eCMS v.4.2 Construction Cloud ERP

Trusted Product

ERP Evolves

A construction company’s ERP (enterprise-resource planning) system is central to its business, enabling both financial and project management to make decisions. To help users gain insights, eCMS v.4.2 Construction Cloud ERP from Computer Guidance Corp., is a cloud-based, construction-specific ERP solution tailored to commercial contractors. Contractors can manage multi-company, multi-division, and multi-department accounting, union and non-union payroll, and federal or private reporting. Also, it facilitates the exchange of project and financial data to ensure expedited completion through realtime collaboration between operations and financial teams. In the past year, the company has enhanced the product by seamlessly connecting jobsite personnel and office employees through a web-based Web2 interface. The company also released various Interactive Data Inquiry advancements that continue to allow users to easily serve up data from the eCMS ERP database and make it available in purposeful ways through dashboards, views, and launchpads.

“Computer Guidance’s aim with eCMS is to put information into the hands of stakeholders. The depth and breadth of the platform enables contractors to enhance essential backoffice functions such as accounting, payroll, job costing, human capital management, field operations, project management, and asset management.”

– Peggy Smedley

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