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CupixWorks 2.0


3D Digital Twin Technology: A New Tool for Construction

An advanced 3D digital twin platform, CupixWorks enables building owners, general contractors, and project managers to build smarter by leveraging a unified platform that can take in data from a diverse range of sources. Requiring only a consumer-grade 360-degree camera, CupixWorks 2.0 is a fast, easy way to create and share a 3D digital twin. Recent product enhancements to CupixWorks 2.0 platform enable 3D spatial intelligence extraction, providing actionable data for users, comprehensive BIM data support, and secure collaboration with data access controls. Available via a usage-based pricing model, the new platform features a redesigned digital-twin viewer for integration with third-party vendors, LiDAR data support, and drone-mounted 360 image sequence capture and support. Cupix offers built-in integration with other platforms through cloud APIs (application programming interfaces), enabling workflow automation

“The future is digital—digital twin, to be more precise. Cupix brings CupixWorks 2.0 to market, which gives construction professionals an easy way to create an as-built digital twin.”

Peggy Smedley

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