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Do You UTour?

Because things are getting more normal, more “post-pandemic” even though COVID is still around, people are responding by going out and, hopefully, looking at new homes. But some developments from the past three years are still valid, including virtual tours of homes—the Zoom factor from months and even years of stay-at-home work.

For example, UTour is an on-demand interactive self-tour platform that homebuilders can implement in their model homes, or existing inventory, to provide the convenience homebuyers want and the data their sales teams need. The self-guided tour platform lets skeptical buyers personally explore new homes on their own terms in a no-pressure environment.

For the homebuilder’s sales team, UTour provides high-quality leads containing information, such as first and last name, email, telephone number, address and the home(s) homebuyers toured. When a self-tour is complete, tour and buyer data are pushed to a builder’s CRM (customer-relationship management) system, thanks to UTour’s numerous integrations.

One of those integrations is with SmartTouch. The integration of SmartTouch NexGen real estate CRM with Utour SmartConnect leverages workflows, automatically updates self-guided home tour information in the NexGen CRM community traffic report and creates leads or updates existing leads. NexGen automatically tracks and scores these leads, enrolls home shoppers into pre-defined workflows that notify sales, increases lead score, automates emails and texts to realtors and buyers for post-sales survey input, enables reengagement for abandonment of tour, ongoing sales engagement, delivers new home information, and more throughout the home shopping experience.

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