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Masonry Repair Materials

Cracks and fissures are a fact of life(cycle) for concrete and masonry. New chemistry can mitigate the long-range effects of weather on new pours, but existing walls, floors, walks, and aprons are still susceptible to the age-old problems. Contractors who find they are called to repair these faults can now turn to specific materials to help.  

Master Builders Solutions, a brand of MBCC Group, has been providing advanced chemical results for construction, maintenance, repair, and renovation of structures for generations and is offering new MasterEmaco adhesives designed to provide long-lasting performance in all these applications. They are designed for both ease of use and fast curing to reduce installation time, strong adhesion for long-lasting performance and aesthetics, and durability for the most demanding requirements.

The key features and benefits of the new MasterEmaco products vary depending on the material. For example, MasterEmaco ADH 501, a two-component, low viscosity, high modulus epoxy resin formulation is designed for high performance structural crack repair applications (ASTM C881) with an application temperature range of 50 – 100 °F (10 – 38 °C), is a non-shrink epoxy resin binder for mortar repair, patching and overlay of interior surfaces including aggregate and is ideal for overhead and vertical repairs. Designed for installation in damp conditions it is acceptable for use in USDA inspected facilities and is UL certified for drinking water systems.

MasterEmaco ADH 502, on the other hand, is aimed at concrete repair and offers rapid cure time. It can be used for setting anchor bolts, dowels, and rebar, even under water, and is also accepted for use in USDA inspected facilities and UL certified for drinking water systems. It’s a general purpose two-component non-sag epoxy for cap seal (crack injection) adhesive and repair applications. Its non-sag property is ideal for bonding most materials and for both overhead and vertical repairs, using a standard caulking gun, and it has an application temperature range between 40 – 110 °F (4 – 43 °C).

Water and wet environments, like those in shipping and dock areas, are a particular problem with concrete and masonry repair. MasterEmaco ADH 610 offers high bond strengths, wide service temperature range, and moisture resistance. It is a two-component styrene free, acrylic resin used for anchoring and dowel applications in uncracked concrete using threaded rod and rebar. It may be used at temperatures between 15 to 95 °F (-9 to 35 °C). It also can be installed and cured in water saturated environments. A bonding agent for fresh concrete to hardened concrete or hardened concrete to hardened concrete, it has short-term tensile strength for anchoring and shear loading conditions in accordance with ASD (allowable stress design).

If the conditions are more extreme and the repair must resist static, wind, and earthquake loadings in tension and shear, MasterEmaco ADH 612 is the answer. For anchoring in all seasons, for dry and water-saturated concrete conditions, for withstanding freeze and thaw conditions, and for vertical, horizontal, and overhead repairs, ADH 612 can excel. A two-component, code compliant, high-performance adhesive anchoring system tested to ACI 355.4 and ICC-ES AC318, the silane-cementitious hybrid formulation is a 3:1 mix ratio by volume providing outstanding performance with a wide installation temperature range between 5 to 104 °F (-15 to 40 °C). It is also certified for drinking water system components joining and sealing under NSF/ANSI 61.

If you are looking for a kit to keep handy for the eventual repairs that masonry requires, MasterEmaco ADH 500 is an option. It’s a crack-kit with everything needed for the repair of cracks, spalls and broken concrete, including MasterEmaco ADH 501 and 502, nozzles, applicators, tubing, injection ports, and caps.

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