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McNeilus FLEX Controls

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All about Control

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges in the construction industry today is to keep up with the pace of work and projects available. Technology can help. McNeilus FLEX Controls is a factory-direct software system designed for concrete mixers and offers complete mixer monitoring on one screen. The company says FLEX Controls and the FLEX Controls – Enabled Packages can help companies reduce their total cost of ownership with expected savings of up to 5% annual operating costs depending on conditions. The android-based software systems provide improvements, new features, and easy upgrades. In the past year, the company has expanded integrations with FLEX Controls, which helps maximize efficiency and allows the operators to continue to use the FLEX Controls screen with the various technologies customers already use in their operations. The company now has integration solutions for air entrainment measurements, single and multiple camera systems, camera recording features, various radar detection options, fleet management programs, and an external remote to operate some mixer functions outside the cab.

“With an uptick of infrastructure project on the way, greater control of concrete mixer trucks is essential. McNeilus FLEX Controls can help by reducing variability in loading, mixing, and delivering concrete to a jobsite.”

Peggy Smedley
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